Friday, 8 January 2010

Oranges and Cheese - what a mistake-a to make-a !

So Day 2 of being a Stay At Home Mamma and I had a sick boy on my hands. Great. Not just a cold/flu/fever sick but a vomiting sick...

NB: I don't 'do' vomit-type of sick. It makes me feel.....well, sick.

So today Luca TJ spent the day on the couch - his first ever day of 'blobbing' at home and being allowed to watch DVDs all day!

I'm sure there were moments during the day when he was milking my sympathy.  He did a vomit the night before and Austin and I were all concern and care (as any loving parent would be of course!), and so today he did some pretend vomitting to try to tug on the ol' heartstrings. I can't think where he gets his dramatic side from?!...s

In some ways it was quite nice having a sick boy at home because this meant he wasn't tearing at the walls to get outside when today, like yesterday, wasn't an outside day.  The thick snowfall we had a couple of days ago is now all iced over and has made the footpaths and roads perfect for iceskating on.  If you had iceskates. Of which I don't.  And neither does Luca.

I thought I was going to be amongst it from both ends today when he did two BM's this morning which exploded out of his nappies before Austin even left for work. Fortunately I was busy feeding Beni so didnt get the opportunity to deal to those... (have I mentioned what an amazing husband I have??)

So although there was lots of grizzling there was no more runny poos or vomitting.... until I fed him the oranges and cheese...

Having not eaten anything all day - didn't touch his breakfast which he usually chows down, nor even his marmite on toast for lunch - by mid afternoon he was feeling hungry and the only thing I could get him to agree to eat was blasted oranges and cheese which stayed in his tummy for little less than 20 minutes before it came back up again all over the couch, mamma's leg (fortunately missing his little brother's face who was having a feed at the time) and mamma's iPhone.

I am pleased to say that no swear word even entered my mind nor touched my tongue.  I was all grace, patience, understanding and concern.

Although Beni wasn't too thrilled about his feed being cut short (no grace or understanding there!), I managed to go between Beni screaming in his cot and Luca playing with his vomit with a calm serenity that I didn't even know I had in me.

It was really a rather cruel test to be given so early on into this role of Stay At Home Mamma but I will give myself 8 out of 10 for effort because by the time Austin came sliding in the door on the ice I had Luca bathed & in his PJ's, Beni was lying peacefully in his cot and dinner was in the oven. Legend!


  1. I think you are a legend! have enjoyed reading you blog...very funny. Deep sympathy for dealing with a vomiting kid...gross! Hope he gets better soon and this blasted ice disappears soon so we can all head out without breaking our neck. Thinking of you...big hugs, Ness

  2. Eph just told me about your blog,what a great idea! I loved reading it and with our no.2 on the way given me a wee insight to what it may be like! So thanks your amazing love bek

  3. Well done the no swear words!!!!! Am loving your blog xxx


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