Monday, 10 May 2010

Papà e figlio il tempo in cucina - Part III

We were having such a fun day today simply relaxing at home (Austin works from home on a Monday. Ok, so I was relaxing and Austin was working...) that dinner time took us quite by surprise. Austin and I had pre-arranged a salad feast for our dinner tonight but we knew we would be dreaming to think that Luca would eat this also. I was all prepared to give him marmite sandwiches (come on we all know marmite is FULL of mar-mighty goodness!) but then Austin comes up with the great of idea of making a vegetable curry...

Right. Easy Peasy... if you're my cooking-est husband.

And so another episode of "Papà e figlio il tempo in cucina" came to be.

Here's the step-by-step process of their vegetable curry cook-up:

1. Chop up vegetables into small cubes (tonight we used sweet potato, butternut squash and potato)

2. Put cubed veges in pot of water, bring to boil then simmer gently until cooked through.

3. Gently heat 1 Tbsp of olive oil in frying pan.
4. Finely chop onion and garlic, add to heated oil, saute gently

5. Add special herbs and spices (curry powder and garam masala)

6. Gently crumble chicken oxo cube into pan

7. Cube 1 tomato and add to mixture in pan. Stir gently (it's important to be sitting with feet bottoms together at this point)

8. Drain veges and add to mixture in pan.

9. Whack in some spinach and frozen peas (make sure you taste test the frozen peas first)

10. Get excited!

11. Measure rice, taste test and add to a pot of boiling water

 12. As this is thirsty work, have a drink of water (also aids in washing down the frozen peas and rice stuck in the teeth)

 13. Once vege mixture has simmered for one episode of Bob The Builder (approx 11:23 minutes), taste test.

14. Add salt if needed
(NOTE TO SELF: don't lick fingers after adding pinch of salt... Very hard to get taste off the tongue).

15. Eat it! (after Pappa has let it cool down sufficiently)

 16. If you like it, don't forget to smile!

If the only way Luca will eat veges is when they are disguised in a curry then so be it.

The curry was a hit, Luca asked for seconds and I even had food envy (our dinner was a salad remember...)

And now our boys are sleeping soundly. One with a happy curry-filled belly and the other with a happy pureed veges and milk-filled belly.

Once again I am already looking forward to the next installment of Papà e figlio il tempo in cucina. Always a treat for all the senses and does this mamma's heart good.


  1. LOVE!! Such great pictures of Luca doing his cooking-thing!! He's going to have such awesome happy childhood memories of cooking with his Papa, very very cool. I'm amazed how he clearly loves being in the kitchen and helping to cook ... (unlike his Aunty) ... might just be the starting of a career ..!

  2. Love, love, love. This is such a wonderful way to record Father/son cooking!
    Here's a thought ... how about a recipe book detailing Luca's cooking adventures with his papa :)!!!


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