Wednesday, 11 August 2010


It's 5pm and I'm only just getting round to doing the dishes from the night before.
Luca has put himself to sleep in his bed because "Luca a bit tired now". He is "a bit tired now" because he absolutely refused to have his nap earlier in the afternoon...
Beni is sitting in the highchair watching me do the dishes while munching on crackers.

As I do the dishes I reflect on the day with it's unforgettable as well as it's forgettable moments...
I think about how my blog is all about 'discovering the joys of motherhood' and I laugh.
A bone-weary, slightly incredulous laugh.
Not feeling the joy at the moment unfortunately. Sorry to be so blatantly honest, but this is just how life as a Stay At Home Mamma currently is for me.
Hard going.
I need to have eyes in the back of my head to keep an eye on Luca and make sure he's not balancing himself on Beni's head again.

This morning the sun came out after a day of rain yesterday. So in honour of the sun's morning light we ventured outside to 'discover'.
No other intentions in mind except to discover.
OK and I was also hoping Luca would drain off some of his energy while we were out.

And discover we did!

We discovered tiny little spiders webs in the grass that had misty droplets on them.
We discovered ant hills.

We discovered that when the sun shines through rain droplets on the grass they look like sugary crystals.

I discovered that Luca can now go very fast on his Thomas Bike...!

Luca discovered a cast-iron statue of an old man and young boy reading a book outside Queen Mary's Hospital (which is right next door to where we live).

Luca was saying "Hey boy, look at me!"

All the while Beni just sat happily in his pushchair and let time pass by.

Luca discovered that if he zooms off down the hill when Mamma says to go another way and then if he doesn't listen or respond to her calls, even if he stops to wait for a car before crossing the street, that Mamma will get very cross...

Luca discovered that Mamma knows a few choice words that made his ears bleed... Something about "Why the *&?@!$ did we ever decide to have $%@?!£ children??"

Luca discovered that if he throws a tantrum in the middle of the street that everybody stops and stares. Everybody except Mamma. She just keeps on walking.


  1. I can totally relate to this post! It is damn hard work being a stay at home mum. I have two young boys as well (a nearly 3 year old and an eight month old) and some days I also wonder what the hell I was thinking having kids! Luckily, hard days are usually followed with amazing days, that remind me just how lucky I am. Hopefully it's the same for you. Now, I need to go and do my dishes from two days ago...hugs!

  2. Oh Brigitte!!!!!!!!!! Being a mother is EFFIN' HARD WORK!!! I think stopping to find those little glistening droplets on spider webs is what keeps me sane amongst the insanity at times. The small joys, treasures....

    I hope and pray that God lines up a week or two of awesomeness for you!!

    P.S. Gorgeous photos!!!

  3. Always stop to smell the roses. Love dad xx

  4. OH man I am so with you!!!! Some days you really do wonder what trick was played on us by thinking - yeah lets have children - sounds like a great idea. It's the most unrewarding job in the world but at the same time it's the most rewarding job too - strange eh? And I think you're doing a flippin great job - just look at that dinosaur cake you made Luca - amazing woman you are! xox


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