Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Storm before the Calm

It's only Tuesday and already this week has exhausted me!
Thankfully we are going on holiday tomorrow so I can look forward to the 'Calm' at the end of this 'Storm' called "Packing For Our Holiday".
There always seems to be a certain amount of Storm that needs to take place before the Calm of being on holiday can happen.
The elements of this Storm includes errands, last minute this and thats, arranging for someone to water the plants, emptying the fridge and fruit-bowl of all perishable contents, endless loads of washing washing washing and so on and so on...
But none of this is done grudgingly. Rather with a growing bubble of excitement in the tummy because soon the winds and rain with die down and then it will be HOLIDAY TIME!!

I am sooooo looking forward to the Calm.
And not just any ol' Calm - the Calm of Holiday in Italy. Where the only things ever done fast are driving and talking.

This is our first family holiday away together since Beni has been born, so where better to spend some special time together than in Italy?
Bring on the sounds and smells of Manoppello - our lovely lazy little village where noone speaks English.
Bring on the tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes!, porchetta, cured meats, cheeses, vino, our favourite seafood restaurant, coffee on the rooftop terrace, coffee in the piazza, going for drives to discover new places, running in the mountains, swimming at the beach. Maybe even getting to read a book (STOP IT!!) - then I would know I am definitely on holiday!

But first, there is much to do before the holiday can begin... I have a list as long as a long thing that I've been s l o w l y getting through but children and the internet keep distracting me from finishing!...

Here's just some of the things happening in my life over the past two days:

1. Luca's formal interview at his school.
Yes he is only just 3.
Yes he is starting school.
Yes he does have to wear a uniform (CUTE!)
It's five mornings a week which will be good for both him and me, but I know my world will feel rather out of balance for a while without Lucsie around home in the mornings...
We've talked him through all the logistics and he's super excited about going to school and making lots of new friends.

2. Filling out the million trillion forms for Luca's school.
I have to provide information on all his immunisations etc... yeah right, like I'm going to find that in a hurry!...

3. Yesterday and today I was again looking after 3 under 3.
All went well, I even managed to run a few errands accompanied by 3 children and there was very few tears. Excellent!

4. Alice in Wonderland themed surprise party for my sister.
 Yes. 'Tis I. The Tim Burton style Red Queen of Hearts.

A wonderfully successful surprise party where we all got to dress-up very dramatically. This opportunity very rarely presents itself to me anymore, so when it does, I tend to go all out.
A Tea Party with all the Alice in Wonderland characters was a brilliant idea, although it did require some time researching the characters and figuring out a costume from my own wardrobe. But I did it! Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on some more photos for you. My husband was dressed up as the Knave of Hearts looking dead sexy, but I didn't get a photo... darn!

5. Packing 4 people's things for 2 weeks into 3 carry-on bags.
Thanks to RyanAir (a budget airline that flies throughout Europe) who are now charging £30 per bag to be checked onboard, we opted to not pay but instead squish all our gear into our little bags. It's taken me all night to do this but now I'm done, sleep is calling and so is Italy.

See y'all in 2 weeks!


  1. Wow enjoy your time away, sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!! Love the costumes too, you're so much fun :)

  2. keep up the posts lady, I really enjoy catching up on how you are doing!

  3. ps, have some fresh tomato, mozarella and basil for me please

  4. Oh your holiday makes me so jealous! I wish we too lived somewhere that we could just pop on a plane to Italy. New Zealand is great but it's so far away from the rest of the world. Have a lovely time and make sure you DO take a book!
    Love the party photo's too!

  5. You look AMAZING as the queen of hearts! Wot a cool party :)


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