Saturday, 29 January 2011

Gems of the Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

Another week has just flown by and already we're knocking on the door of February.

We've been 'holed-up' inside a lot this week as the temperatures have dropped significantly and both the boys are battling snot and coughs. As a result of them not feeling well they have ended up in our bed each night this week...which I actually {secretly} enjoy - snuggling up to their little warm bodies is totally delicious - but sleep is always rather broken and we wake up not feeling very rested... Meh.

But still my husband never fails to get up, give the boys their breakfast, change Beni's morning "junk-in-the-trunk" nappy and bring me a coffee in bed before he goes to work.
Oh how I love him.

And now for the Gems.


:: My sister (4th heir to the throne) is a very clever wee thing. She is an illustrator/designer who is starting to get her name 'out there' and has started a blog to showcase some of her works. Check out her new blog here and prepare to be amazed! I am. She never ceases to amaze me with her incredible talent.

:: I've been a-crafting some more this week. In my grand plan to make the boy's room a bit more 'boyish' I'm in the process of making some cushion covers for the spare bunk bed.
Here's this
to go with this
and there's a couple more to come and a few more touch-ups here and there and then I'll give you a completed picture.
If it turns out ok...!

:: Since we had the new boiler installed at the end of November last year we have been without 2 cupboards in our kitchen. So all our baking ingredients, dried fruits, nuts, crackers, spreads etc. have been living in plastic bags in the corner of our living room. {this is being rectified this week...hopefully}.
Unfortunately Luca has cottoned on to the fact that there are certain things in these bags which are not preferable for him to touch or put his fingers in.
I have learnt the hard way that when things go quiet in the house it's for a good reason and I should investigate the cause of this hush asap. It is on such occasions that I find Luca and Beni sitting down having turns sticking their hands inside the peanut butter and/or nutella jars. Their faces when I find them out are always shocked, mischievous and covered in peanut-buttery-nutellary goodness.
I never catch them on camera though because they always make a quick departure upon being found out.

:: I'm absolutely and completely in-love with this little guy and his cheeky smile and his teeth that are randomly coming through completely out of order.
He is completely delicious and I could easily spend all my time kissing and tickling him.

:: Luca is talking-talking, chatting-chatting, more and more every day which is very delightful, although the pronunciation of 65% of his words still needs working on.

Truck = Qwuck
Dog = Gog
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star = Cwinkle Cwinkle Little Star
Risotto = Bisotto
Construction = Bistruction
To list but a few.

It's cute though, with his little lisp and all.
The other evening I was having a bath and I asked Luca if he could go and ask Papa if he wanted to have a bath {we're like that here, second-hand bathwater is better than third-hand bathwater...}. So off he trots and I hear him asking asking "Papa, Mamma says you want to...want to...want to have a barf? Now Papa?"
"No thank you" says Papa.
"But Mamma says YES you HAVE to have a barf!"
"Oh did she? Well you can let Mamma know that I don't need a bath, thank you"
So back Luca comes to relay the message. "Papa says no thank you Mamma, he no want a barf"
"OK thank you Luca"
"You're wowsa-wowcome Mamma".
And off he goes, mission completed.

:: Bubba #3 is steadily and happily growing in the womb. Starting to deliver some solids kicks now. Another child keeping me awake at night...
A couple of nights ago I was cuddling into Austin with my baby belly nestled into Austin's back and he said he could feel the baby giving him kicks against his back. Awwwwww!

:: We have a STAR in our household this week. His name is Luca TJ Bokser.
Luca came out of school on Friday with a barely contained smile on his face, dangling a piece of paper in his hand. He was feeling very proud of himself because he had been awarded 'Star of the Week' for his class.
It's so lovely to get this positive feedback and reward for the little guy. We are feeling very proud as his parents to hear he is a friendly boy in the class and is now sharing the toys with the other children. Phew!
Another milestone crossed off the list!



  1. What a cool list of things... those cushion covers are amazing!

  2. WELL DONE LUCA!!! You'll always be my Star of the Week!!! xxxx

  3. sounds to me like your pockets are chock-full o happiness :) thanks for sharing.
    i loved your sister's art (amazing!) and you have some pretty impressive design skills yourself - i love your eye for colour and composition with the quilt and cushion. can't wait to see what's next :)

    x D

  4. A lovely post - can't wait to see those finished projects!

  5. You are one amazing and clever woman! i am wowed so often by reading of your creative projects and your soft heart towards your delicious family! love u precious one. xx

  6. Luca you are SO proud of yourself!!! Well done xxx. Love you xxx


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