Saturday, 26 March 2011

Gems of the Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.


It's all mostly about the children. They rock my world you see.

They keep me on my toes, exhaust me, frustrate me, make me laugh more than I have ever laughed before, make me cry, make me want to be a better person, wife and mamma.

Here's the precious, priceless, pockets of happiness that have occurred this week.

Luca learning very patiently to do his own buttons on his clothing...
The triumphant smile on his face once the task has been completed is priceless.

Big boy tools and little boy tools...
When papa needs to fix something {which is most days that something gets broken by little hands...} Luca is always quick to grab his box of plastic tools to 'help'. 

I just LOVE that these little guys LOVE to read...
Trips to the library to get new books are the highlight of their week. This has been encouraged by the fact that we don't have a TV nor a computer to entertain and occupy the boys with children's channel when I need to get things done or run out of ideas for keeping them busy and happy. I thought it would drive me mad when our home computer died and was in quite a panic about how I was going to cope...! Sad, I know.
Books have come to the forefront of our everyday life and I love it.

The fabulous view of the city we have...
This is taken from our bedroom window so is just a portion of the view we have of the great city of London.

Lunches on the balcony in the sunshine...
Before lunch is ready they have taken to sitting at the outside table reading books while waiting to eat.
See the way Beni crosses his feet? Both him and Luca used to do that in the womb so it is their 'comfy & happy' position. Makes me smile when I see it :)
 The Boxing Glove.
Mr. Cool with his sunglasses and carpet-burn nose...

Loving the fragrant spring flowers and sunshine...
Daffodils in all their canary yellow glory are everywhere and the cherry trees are in full bloom - the ground underneath them covered in a blanket of fallen blossoms, more floating down gently to the ground resembling snowflakes but without the zero degree temperatures.
Oh I LOVE Springtime!!

The little boy who loves to cook...
He is helping papa make Boston Bun (you know, the one with mashed potato in it?).
His latest favourite book to read is "The Cook's Book" which is a massive 648 page recipe book. He flicks through it, finds a recipe with a photo that looks yummy and declares "Let's MAKE IT!"

Oh I'm LOVING getting stuck into summer salads once again...
It's very satisfying to fill up on a large plate of tasty salady goodness, knowing that it's, well, good for you!

Getting the new baby's newborn clothes organised in the designated chest of drawers...
This may seem freakishly organised to you (I've still got 9 weeks to go!) but I was sorting out the boy's summer clothes and putting into storage their winter clothes and decided to do the new bubba's clothes at the same time. Seeing as we don't know the sex of the baby I obviously only got out the gender-neutral ones and put the baby-boy-blue items aside...for now...?

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  1. Wow - blown away by that stunning view! Loving your little guys - so precious (right down to the cute leg crossing).

  2. I love that both of your boys love reading! My own wee Pudge is not so keen on books, he's so busy and just doesn't have the patience to sit and listen or look for himself. Lately though he's been bringing me more and more books and sitting in my lap to listen, which makes me very happy. Your view is awesome and I love the lunches on the balcony!

  3. Love the baby bump in the photo alongwith it's clothes in the drawer all ready and waiting ...

  4. Why hi Brigitte. Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog. Been having a wee peek around your blog. What a lovely family you have (and soon to expand too:-) congrats!

    Seeing all the pictures of London makes me pine a little - there for 3 years 1999-2002. There's nothing like an English spring to get the heart racing and daydreaming of what is to come. Gorgeous.

    Look forward to following along with your adventures :-) Meghan

  5. And hello from me! Thanks for your comment and like Meghan, I love your blog. Its amazing how this little tribe of blogging Kiwis keeps expanding with amazing and wonderful women- LOVE it!

  6. I just adore the pics of the kids reading together ~ gorgeous. xx

  7. I love the photos! A view of London from your bedroom window and I'm jealous! I love the photo of the wrenches too :) Zayn and I attend 'Early Birds with Miss Polly' every Tuesday morning at 10 (at our local library) and we love it! I hope he's a bookworm like me because I don't want him being a couch potato! I can't wait to find out what you're having and the name(s)! It's all so exciting! xxxooo

  8. how cute is that little guy with the glasses?! Love the photos lovely lady, xx


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