Friday, 15 April 2011

Gems of the Week

Luca has started the question of "Why?"
"Why did you put water in the plant Mamma?"
"Because plants need water to live"
"Because if we don't water plants they will die"
"Why do the plants die Mamma?"
"Because they are thirsty and noone has given them water"
"Why thirsty and no water?........(after no response).....Mamma? Mamma?"
Conversations like these usually end with a "Just because!" response or a "You'll have to ask God that question" or a subtle 'Trail-Off' technique I have mastered is used e.g. "Because that's wah wah waaaa wa waaaa waaah wah blah blah blah..." And by that point he's lost interest.
Millions of questions. Every. Single. Day.
I've been waiting for him to go through this stage so it hasn't been too much of a shock to the system.
I'm hoping I can look back on this 'development stage' and laugh, or at least have a wee giggle.

The special 1-on-1 time I get with Luca while Beni naps in the mornings. We have two and a half weeks of school holidays over Easter. I've been loving having time with just my Lucsie for a good couple of hours each morning. I miss him when he's at school.
Our 1-on-1 time usually includes: tickling, tickling, colouring-in, tickling, snuggling to play games on my phone, building blocks, tickling and just a bit more tickling. He can never get enough of the tickle loving and I love his gutsy laugh and how he lays on the floor completely 'done in' by the end of a tickle session and does big happy sighs.

I love how Luca always has time to stop and smell the roses. And I thrive on giving him the space and freedom he needs to be able to stop and smell the roses.

{Speaking of roses} Oh how I love London in the Springtime tralalaa tralalaaaa tralala la la la la laaaaaa!

I caught Luca crossing his legs while sitting in the buggy on the bus, eating an apple. As you do.
I though it was rather delightful, that's all.
Loving how my boys get stuck in to colouring, reading books and generally making a mess on our visits to the Library. No holding back, it's all or nothing.

Beni-Boo is confident in the world around him and I adore watching him discover things and figure out how they work and what they can do, all on his own.

Ingredients for marmalade - ok so I haven't made it yet but as you can see it's all ready to go! That's my little project for tomorrow morning. YUM! (hopefully)...

I'm very proud of my latest thrift-shop find - a vintage/retro/old New Zealand tablecloth. I stumbled across it in a little independent thrift store in little ol' Roehampton {a little ol' suburb of London}. £2. Thanks for coming.
My husband asked me what I plan to do with it..... to which I replied "It's a tablecloth. I think I'll use it as a tablecloth".

I happened to go to a Brooke Fraser concert on Wednesday night with my best friend. My husband got us tickets. He's good like that. It was awesome, beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring, like sitting down to an exquisite feast.
I love my husband. I love my best friend. I love Brooke Fraser.
Yes, this truly is Brooke Fraser. She's the blur in the middle.

We weren't allowed to take photos or any other form of recording device (what?) so I quickly {illegally} snapped a shot on my iPhone camera... best I could do, sorry.

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  1. I must Google this Brooke Fraser! I'm embarrassed that I don't know who she is. & London looks SO lovely in the springtime! I feel like reading The Secret Garden now :) What kind of buggy do you have? I heard Maclaren's are good and they come with a rain cover :) Zayn has discovered scooting while laying on his back and it makes nappy changes impossible and he gets into lots of things while on the floor... but I love it. It's fun to watch him discover :) xx

  2. what a score on the table cloth! And sure, that is Brooke fraser! haha. As always, great life observations my dear. Lovely!

  3. I remember that stage of why?! I had a bit of a giggle when reading that one..... love how tickles is so much fun for kids too! all my kids enjoy this including my near 9yr old. Great photos in the library!

  4. The way you said "rather delightful" makes me smile. I love an English accent! And your remark on your find (or your husband's remark rather)= sounds like something my bubbie would say. Thanks so much for linking up...hope to see you back next week! :)

  5. love brooke fraser in concert! and love those tulips ♥

  6. What a thoughtful hubby - and stunning pic of the tulips! Just loving the crossed legs too - priceless!!

  7. sweet score on the table cloth...that's amazing!! x


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