Thursday, 18 August 2011

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It's been a while since I've been a-crafting.
What with baby Max needing to be constantly attached to the b-rest, lack of sleep and sickness, it just hasn't happened. But oh I've been itching to pick up a project and let the creative juices flow.

I found some wool at our local Hardware store {yes I know, wool in a hardware store? CRAZINESS!} for £1.29 per 100g ball. Now that's a bargain I just couldn't walk past.

I've been longing to make the crochet blanket mentioned in this post for over a year now and low and behold the wool available at the Hardware store had just the colours I wanted. WHOOP!

So now that my big sister is here and there are an extra pair of hands to help with the boys, I've been able to steal moments on the couch with my crochet hook and £1.29 balls of wool.

I can't wait to finish it. Three squares down, only 35 to go.... Should have it done in a year month or two.

And it shall feature in our lounge as a 'throw' on our couch. Yep, I've got good feelings about this one!
It's always good when you know a project you've started is going to look great. And even more so when the materials were such a BARGAIN!
Seeing that success and sense of achievement in my mind's eye is what will make me finish the other 35 squares.
{And the fact I've blogged and bragged about it so now I have to finish it... Doh}


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  1. youR blog friends can keep you accountable! Ill be asking hows the blanket coming along every once in a while :)

  2. I love the colours! Reminds me of the Green Bay Packers (homestate American football team) :) & who doesn't love a good bargain?! xx

  3. Once you get a vision for making something it's a lot easier to finish it! Great going!

  4. God bless Mangakino and the Golden Hands stash. How long does it take to do a square? I want to make that blanket that I showed you last year and should start now, rather than in the middle of winter... xx P.S. There's a weekly knitting/craft night just down the road from me on Lower Marsh... we should go. Wine and wool = heck yes!


    You must look like this while crocheting at all times.

  6. I'm not sure I can type AWESOMENESS loud enough!! I LOVE it!!


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