Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lost + Found

This morning, while dropping Luca off at school, I lost Beni. For 6 minutes.
Those 6 minutes felt like the longest of my life.
Trying to keep the panic at bay.
Thinking I'm going to vomit.
Other mothers and teachers helping to look also, asking any parent with a little boy in a red jacket if he was supposed to be with them.
Images of Madeleine McCann zipping through my mind.
Beni is so friendly and trusting with everyone, he would quite happily wander off with a stranger if given an opportunity to do so.

I eventually found him playing in a toy telephone box, completely oblivious to the drama he had caused and his mother's stress levels. He must have gone past me and I didn't see him when I was having stern words to Luca before he went into his classroom for running off ahead without me.

I'm discovering that, to be a mother, you need to have 20 arms, eyes in the back of your head and at least 3 laps.

These are scenes from our house at 4:30pm today:

Two children screaming and fighting over my lap while I was trying to feed Max who also was crying because he was hungry and flailing his arms which knocked his bowl of food out of my hand and splattered everywhere. It was awesome.

Once he was fed Max spent his time looking dumbfounded and wondering what the hell was going on and why everyone was screaming and crying.
I wasn't screaming and crying though. Surprisingly. 
I was laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.
Oh yeah, and effing and jeffing and dropping the odd f-bomb. Only some of them in my head...
It was either that or lock myself in my bedroom and hide under the bedcovers until Austin got home.
Tempting it was!

But then Pingu came to the rescue... 

and I was given a moments reprieve, long enough to pour myself one of these.

Oh how I love thee my sweet, red, Italian friend.

Now the boys are sleeping soundly in their beds and I am grateful they are all safely tucked up and close by.
Never again do I want to experience the feeling of losing a child. Is this realistic? I really would like to avoid this if possible.

On that note I'm going to go snuggle in bed with my handsome husband now and pray for a bigger capacity and a better and safer day tomorrow.

I think we'll get some more of that wine too, to have on hand.
Just incase it's needed again to soothe frazzled nerves.



  1. Oh I hate it when that happens. Once we lost Cam at The was horrible. They actually shut the store down so we could search. I thought I was going to be sick. He had taken some books off a shelf and hidden himself behind some boxes so no-one could see him. The most awful 20 minutes of my life!

  2. How hideous. Makes me feel sick to think about too. Thank goodness for wine and dvds!

  3. Terrifying! Those 6 minutes must have felt like 6 hours.

    An extremely well deserved glass of red. I wouldn't have blamed you if you'd necked the whole bottle.

    Oh and.. Yay Pingu!

  4. So glad he was tucked safely away in a telephone box!!! When I come to visit please have lots of wine ready!!!

    p.s. you ARE not alone on days (everyday) like this.

  5. for the love of kids tv and wine...the perfect reprieve. i have had many a days like this...actually it is most afternoons when everyone has had enough. hope the boys get it together for you over the next few days. i am happy to hear he was safe playing in the telephone box. i know those very rare moments when you lose sight. it is terrifying. take care. xo.

  6. Ohh I hate the feeling of losing a kid. It hasn't happened too many time for me but the odd time it has it totally freaks me out.

  7. Oh my Goodness Brigitte! I sooooo know how you feel, I have lost Sophie twice on two different occasions and it is SCARY! The lastest was in a busy shopping mall, she had decided that she would like to go back to the toilets and walked the entire breadth of the mall to reach them. I wonder why no one thought that a small curly blonde haired girl walking by herself wasn't cause for alarm?? As for the crazy situations we find ourselves in - laughable or else we would, go crazy oursleves or drink ourselves into a stupor! Don't you just love the end of those days! Love this post and you xxx

  8. I cannot imagine how scary that is! Zayn ran out of the automatic doors at the library on Tuesday and my mama friend ran out after him whilst holding her daughter. Hello, cars. I happy he was safe and sound. He loves being held at home, but when we're out he likes to wiggle out of my arms. I need a better 'going out with Zayn' plan. There should also be a bottle of wine in my house at all times! xx

  9. I SO get the need for wine. Sad, I never used to be this reliant on the golden drop, HA!
    And oh my gosh, losing a child is my worst fear. I am super glad it all worked out for you. Seriously glad everyone was ok!

  10. Wow, what a day. I hope you've had a good sleep since!! I often think of Madeleine's parents...what a nightmare. Thankfully Beni wasn't far away, but I can't imagine the fear in those long 6 minutes!! Hoping for a much more relaxed day for you :)

  11. Golly that was a day and a half. Wine is the perfect tonic for it!

    So pleased you found beni so quickly despite how long it must have seemed.

    Crazy days like somehow make us appreciate the beautiful ones so much more.

    Yesterday was a bit like that for me. No effing I just let out the mother of all screams like on the home alone movie :-/

    Hope tomorrow is another (better) day :-)

  12. oh Bri that would of been a HORRIBLE feeling:( nice to know that he was playing somewhere safe and sound though. i love pingu!!! he rocks!

  13. Hmmm ... memories of times when children are lost. Just horrible.
    Love you all xxx


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