Monday, 30 January 2012

Changes: La Bella Vista

Change always comes bearing gifts.  ~Price Pritchett

Price Pritchett, you are a wise man.

We have had a week of changes. Changes requiring big decisions.
To cut a long story short, our 'change' is in location.
In a couple of months time are moving from London to Italy.

Today I booked our flights - Wednesday 28th March we are taking our family across to Pescara and driving inland to 'our' little village of Manoppello where our house is and there we will settle for a while. 
Maybe only for 3-6 months? We really don't know, but our furniture in London is going into storage until we decide what our next move is.
You see, we rent a flat in London and our landlords are deciding to sell. Our finances are tight and we figured "why not actually live in the property we own in Italy?" Now there's a novel idea!
We have been renting it out over the summer months for the past 5 years, but the time has come for us to relocate there ourselves, for a while at least.

The view from the rooftop terrace: la bella vista

It has always been our dream since coming to London to live in Italy for a while before returning to our home land of New Zealand.
So, we are just living out the dream people!

Although the dream did not involve Austin having to commute between Italy (where his home and family are) and London (where his job is)...
But it can be done, and it will be done.
We are determined to make this work for us although the circumstances of us being there are not our ideal. But in the bigger picture of saving money while we are there? Oh it's definitely worth making it happen.

I'll be homeschooling Luca for the last few months of his school year (SCARY!! But cool.) and I'm looking forward to being surrounded by the beautiful Italian language, and hopefully become conversational in it rather than just one word sentences....! Toilet, wine, beer, the bill... that sort of thing... 

I love the retro-ness of the house and look forward to actually making it a home.
I'm looking forward to the s p a c e - compared to our living situation now - for the boys to run around in. Both inside and outside.
I'm looking forward to morning coffees in the piazza while my boys kick a ball around, hopefully playing nicely with other children.
I'm looking forward to the markets in the village every Tuesday and Friday.
I'm looking forward to the slower and relaxed pace of life in comparison to London living.
I'm looking forward to eating and cooking with tomatoes that taste like tomatoes made in heaven.
So many things I'm looking forward to, but not the likely loneliness that will come hand-in-hand with the good stuff...

Anyway, that's just to update you briefly - and I'll be blogging from Italy also and I look forward to sharing my experiences (good, bad and ugly) with you.



  1. Wow.



    Big and exciting changes ahead. An amazingly cool (but equally scary adventure) for you. I can picture you in your little village. Italy is quite possibly my favourite place on Earth having gotten engaged in Siena and returned to Tuscany on honeymoon. I will be praying God goes before you all in this change.

    You have my total admiration in that I would love to do something just like that, you are a brave Mama.

    Wowee xx

  2. wow!That's Massive!
    I look forward to discovering Italy through your far its been great seeing London!

  3. Good on you! Definitely a wise decision when it comes down to the "space" aspect. You blow me away with how you've coped so far, so hopefully the loneliness won't out way the pro's. Looks like Carter might have some bi-lingual lil cuzzies aye? Best of luck & much love, Narnie

  4. How amazing!! Sounds like a fabulous(although hard) adventure! We based our last move on our family and finances and although it has been hard, it's been the best decision for our family! All the best and looking forward to seeing your amazing Italian-life pictures!

  5. Wow!! Decisions like that are always about the good and the bad. Italy here you come. What awesome adventures you will have!!! (Plus I am certain there will be a whole lot of visitors heading your way!!) Italy isn't so far away!! xxx

  6. WOW WOW WOW!! you know we did a driving tour through germany, italy, austria and switzerland years ago. BEAUTIFUL. so excited for you. you were holding this place out on me??? girl, it looks like it has a lot more space. so excited for you!! and guess we dive in to this homeschool thing together!! :))

  7. oh my gosh. this looks amazing. i am so jealous. i would LOVE to do something like this. and how gorgeous is your villa. love love love. i can't wait to see you blogging from such a superb scenery. i am so incredibly happy for you. i think this is wonderful. xo.

  8. Wow indeed! But totally right and it must feel somewhat fantastic to FINALLY live out the dream (if not a bit scary).

    Of course, I know you won't be on your own for any length of time. There'll be hoards of friends and family visiting to help soak up the "stile di vita Italiano" with you and the boys.

    Best of luck!

  9. Oh.My.Gosh...!!!! Living in Italy in that amazing village with that view and in that house, WOW! What a great decision for the family. I am SOOOO looking forward to "going there" with you!

  10. How amazing and fun and exciting and SOON! Looking forward to reading the words that tip from the bucket of your lives. xxx

  11. That is super exciting!!! I'm guessing you won't be too lonely - will no doubt have a stream of visitors from London - and NZ probably! Enjoy your time in London while still there - can't wait to hear more of your adventures! xox Sez

  12. Precious lady! that is really great news, a cool adventure for you guys indeed! The change of view and location, coffeeying and language will be perfecto! Stoked for you all, big love xx

  13. Was going to begin with Wow, but after reading other comments that became redundant, so..... Gosh!!
    How incredible!! In an exciting terrifying way! Will be praying for you that all goes well and children settle quickly, and that you all LOVE IT!!!! And it turns out to be an amzing blessing in a thinly veiled (Maxwell Smart style) disguise.

  14. LOVVVVE the look of your place there !!! All the best x

  15. Question - will my room still be my room? ... uh oh...

    Well, I shall jolly well have to do my best to be there to ensure that it stays that way ;)

    BRAVA! BRAVA! In una parola, la vita e corta xx

  16. Wow, that's exciting! I remember how you guys said YEARS ago you wanted to live there! Hope you get to know some lovely itallians really quickly. It sounds like an amazing adventure... Jo Siebert Xx

  17. EPIC idea boksers!! You only live once. I have such fond memories of that place. Super green right now. Love youse guys.

    :) gromski

  18. How wonderfully exciting! I can't wait to follow along with you on your journey. All the best!

  19. I go home on holiday and don't read blogs... I'm just catching up on yours! HOW EXCITING! It's my dream to live in London, well... maybe the English countryside with a train ride 20 minutes from London ;) Switzerland calls to me too *sigh* I love the retro feel of your home in Italy... the way you described making coffee and having your boys kick a ball around, it seems idyllic at the moment! I cannot for photos and your lovely writing from Italy!

    I just found out that we're moving to a suburb of Atlanta in early March! Goodbye Alafrickenbama! I don't have my parents help this time with the move... how are you getting stuff done and packed?! I'm freaking out and I only have one kiddo and the move is just over 2 hours away! I'm a terrible organiser too...

  20. I FOUND IT!!! The POST where you announced your new location...
    so exciting.
    You go girl, live the DREAM!!!!

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