Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Farewelling An Old Friend

I have begun the process of farewelling an old friend.

Richmond Park and I go way back and ever since I first set foot in it I knew we would be firm friends.
Many a day have I spent running it's tracks, breathing in the fresh air, puffing up it's hills.

For a girl who grew up on the farm and is a lover of wide open spaces, Richmond Park has always been my 'taste' of home. My space. The place to recharge my batteries by being in amongst the simple and raw beauty of nature.

As excited as I am to be going to Italy at the end of the month for a "wee stint", I am actually very sad about not having Richmond Park on our doorstep anymore. Running in Italy will be on the roads where I often come across a snake that has been a victim of road-kill or where big black dogs have been known to attack innocent runners and bite their bums...

(it was actually my upper thigh right under my buttock.)

But there are no black demon dogs or snakes here. Only friendly dogs who are being walked by their responsible owners, picking up their doggie's poop lest they be fined £1,000. It is the Queen's park after all.

I took the two youngest boys out for a run here last week and was once again in awe of this wonderful space in the middle of London. Even in the dead of winter it is beautifully majestic.
Afterwards I let Beni run free after being tied down in the buggy for the good part of an hour.
He was quick to find a stick and do some drawing in the gravel then he was off down to the waters edge of the duck pond where he nearly got gobbled up by some very large angry swans a couple of times.
Fearless he is. I'm sure my grey hairs are because of him...!

And all the while as Beni tangoed with death-by-swan his little brother sat and let the sun's rays shine on his golden head.

With only a couple of weeks left before we depart I hope to visit my old friend a few more times yet, to run on it's tracks and conquer that Hell Hill one more time.

Who knows, maybe we will come back to live on it's doorstep once more. But even if not, Richmond Park will always hold a piece of my heart.



  1. You have had an absolute gem on your doorstep. You will miss it terribly xx.

  2. What a wonderful place! I love havens such as this one in the middle of cities :) Beautiful photos...they'll be reminders of precious memories no doubt. Love your fun little risk-taker and his muddy pants!! Hope your last-minute packing and organising goes extremely smoothly

  3. Beautiful ode to your friend Brigitte. The parks in London are certainly an oasis from the busyness of the city. Hope you can find another like place in Italy xx

  4. you are going to miss that place!!!!

  5. This made me sad... Richmond Park is the best place in London to run.

    But - HILLS! HILLS! ITALIAN HILLS! (and being tooted at by every blimmin car that passes... seriously, italian girls need to get out and run more) We are going to be lean mean hill-running machines in no time (hopefully). And I'm guessing it'll have to be sans-buggy? And then back to the terazza for coffee and freshly baked pastries and FRESH FRUIT. Hurrah!

    1. True, true. Very true. Especially the lean mean hill-running machines - yes!!

    2. Well I daresay Mormor and Scrumpy can be the keepers of the buggy while you go for your runs. We'll be very happy to oblige xx

  6. Absolutely gorgeous photos. I love the ones by the pond and your little playing in the grass. So sweet. I can totally see why you love that place and will miss it. Beautiful.

  7. Breathtaking photos. They need to be FRAMED.


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