Tuesday, 15 January 2013

London + the Lurgy

It feels good to be home.

We are all settling in to our London lifestyle once again with ease.
Although there are still boxes that need unpacking, homes to be found for an array of belongings, it has been wonderful setting up house again - making our house our home. Unpacking things we haven't seen for three seasons. It's good for the soul. Really good.

Yesterday snow fell for the first time this winter, lovely fat snowflakes. Normally we would push encourage the boys out to play in the snow but we have all been suffering from the flu for the past week and the snow would have evaporated before they even got to touch it because of the heat radiating from their fevered little bodies.
Poor wee guys.
Not only are they suffering from the flu but they (Luca in particular) are suffering from a serious case of the 'Manflu'.

(don't you just love their accent? "... an awful tickle in me troat..." Love it.)

Luca's Manflu symptoms are actually quite laughable. You have to laugh otherwise his Diva Demands would drive you insane.
Fortunately Austin seems to have been saved from catching this lurgy. I don't think I could handle four cases of Manflu under the same roof...!

Hoping all seasonal lurgies - in particular the Manflu - are keeping away from your household and loved ones.



  1. Ha I laugh. Your life often mirrors mine. A little scratch on the boys and their life is ending. Funny when they all have flu at once (ya gotta laugh). Love seeing how you doing. Glad you settling in really good. We enjoying summer holidays (although they seem very very long this time). Take care love kat boys xxx

  2. Your poor little boys :(
    thats a good vid!
    I like this one too.

  3. Manflu is very serious - thank the good Lord you all survived xxx


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