Wednesday, 27 February 2013

inspiration. pallet furniture

We seem to live in an area where there are many shipping pallets lying around - propped up against buildings and houses, waiting for... the dump truck I guess?
We have already 'scored' a good couple of pallets which have quickly been put to use as a reading seat (boys room) and for my sister's bed.
Another one is waiting to be painted up and made into a coffee table so I'm feeling very inspired now to crack on with this project and get it finished.
All I need now is my husband to get home from work so he can assist me in the new coffee table creation!



  1. Love it!! You're your father's daughter :o)!!! Love the whole 'making something out of nothing' concept - there would be a lot we wouldn't have if we didn't subscribe to this notion. Looking forward to pictures. Love you xxxxx

  2. Loved reading your blog! My interior design taste keeps changing, one minute I love modern, next minute I've purchased traditional pine wardrobes! I'm not sure I'll ever make my mind up!


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