Monday, 23 September 2013

Going the distance... with a sore butt

I am currently sitting on a bag of frozen mixed vegetables.
Not by choice (that would just be weird) but because - as a result of running 21 miles (33.8 km) last weekend - I seem to have strained my bum muscle...

But aside from the pain in the ass I am experiencing (oh ho ho ho! Terrible pun sorry...) oh my goodness it was a beautifully scenic run.
It was an organised trail-race along the canals from Bath to a little town called Devizes. All the houses and canal boats along the way were very quaint and cute and, well, English.

This was the only but very cruel hill that occurred at approximately mile 19.26 (31 km). 
Yeah sure these locks are a remarkable feat of engineering, but putting a hill like that at the very end of a very long run? Cruel. Sadistic even.

Our very awesome support crew.
Luca the Physio had some good stretches for us. As always.
Matt the Coach helped us with our game-plan... (?)
And Austin the Manager... well, I don't really know what he did... apart from drink lots of espresso.

Funny story: we got 2nd and 3rd lady. Hahahaaaa!
Need I mention there were only 15 people in the race and a total of 4 ladies? No, I didn't think so...

A wee country pub where we very much enjoyed a large beer and burger after the race.

And upon our arrival home...

Uncle Toddy had just returned from Southern France working 49 days in a row so he does have a lot of sleep to catch up on! We did have a wee laugh though and thought it was photo-worthy to find the babysitter snoozing.

So this weekend (Sept 29th) is THE MARATHON! It seems to have approached rapidly over the last month...
Gretchen and I fly up to Inverness, Scotland on Thursday, tour of the Highlands on Friday, registration and hanging out in Inverness on Saturday, and the big race on Sunday!

My only apprehension is my strained butt muscle... First visit to the physio two days after the 21 mile run I was told no running until the marathon day (!), but upon visiting a sports masseuse on Friday I was told my bum looks good (Thanks!... no she didn't actually say that.... although it does look good...)
...she said it's healing well and I can now do gentle running leading up to the big day. Phew! 
So I'm praying for a complete recovery still.

And keeping the mixed veggies frozen...



  1. Long live the Jacobsen buttox... do you need a photo to show your readers??? ;-)
    Well done girls, would love to be helping your manager out, sounds fun!
    Much love from us three, xxoo Anna-Kate

  2. I'm sure your bum does in fact look great. Well done 2nd and 3rd ladies! I'm very jealous of your upcoming adventure and wish I was there to lend support (I could be 'cheerleader'. Or 'water-boy'.) Good luck! Happy running!!! Love you!!!! xxx

  3. lol! awesome. Wow, not long to go now! Have a great time up there and hope that muscle works its magic for you on Sunday. I miss the English country-side and cute looking pubs when I look at these photos! Look forward to hearing how the big day goes :) x


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