Thursday, 21 November 2013

Mamma:Massi Mornings

I love this little guy.
Our red fro boy.
Our Rosso Furioso.

We've been having lots of Mamma:Massi mornings and oh how I love it!
He's a funny wee man.

Just look at that cheeky face!

Our usual haunt is a coffee/hot chocolate date, usually after a morning run.

The two older boys get dropped off at school and then Max and I head off for a run along the Thames river path.
SO BEAUTIFUL no matter the weather or time of year.
Cold and clear Autumn days are particularly breathtaking.

This morning after Max decided to step in a massive dog poo we decided to head to the park to rid his wellies of the foul matter.
So there was lots of stomping in puddles and running through the grass and leaves.

A bit of climbing and sliding and swinging in the playground, saying hi to the trains as they rumbled past and chasing after dogs.
That's pretty much what we get up to in our mornings together before we pick up Beni from nursery in time for lunch.

 It's only a few hours, but it's Mamma and Massi time and I love it.
In ten short months it will be his turn to head off to nursery while Beni moves on to full days at school.
So I'm making the most of these moments with my youngest, asking time to please slow down just a little...


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  1. So so wonderful - so love our wee Massi and love it that you can have time together like this each and every day xxxx


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