Thursday, 15 September 2016

Hello from the other side

It is done.
We have transitioned to the other side of the world and I am Aotearoa-based once more. And it all happened quite smoothly and surprisingly hassle-free.
Although I have left rather large quantities of my heart in London (including my husband who is joining us here mid-October), it is mending nicely thanks to the healing balm of family and nature. And did I mention family?
Currently we are staying with my parents who live on the edge of Lake Maraetai and in the few weeks since we have arrived we have had lots of wonderful visits from family.
Uncles, Aunties, nieces, nephews, Grandparents, sisters, brother-in-law and soon-to-be-sister-in-law - it's all right here. And I'm loving it.

The days have been filled almost too easily with runs along river trails with a 'dog on loan' who is fast becoming a firm friend, digging gardens (me, not the dog), feeding baby goats (also on loan for the boys' pleasure), school runs, general pottering around the house, all the while taking moments to stop and sigh at the beautiful view of the lake on our doorstep. Why did we stay away for so long??

New friendships are being formed, pies are being heartily consumed by 3 boys who have never experienced the pure joy a good mince & cheese pie brings, and my bone-tiredness is slowly subsiding.

Living under the Heathrow flight-path has been replaced with...quietness. Actual silence.
The beautifully sunny English summer we were experiencing has been replaced with frosty mornings and the winter's warm sun. Flip-flops have been replaced with Ugg boots.
My tan has now officially washed off and I am pale/translucent and freckly once more (I used to be tanned and freckly...).

We are Dunedin-bound just after Christmas where all our possessions from London will be waiting for us in a shipping container.
I'm not too sure how I will feel about having Christmas in the summertime once again -
Santa Claus in his sunglasses and flip-flops always seemed a bit strange...
It always somehow felt so right to be cold outside on Christmas Day while you are inside drinking mulled wine.

But it definitely feels so right to be back in New Zealand once more. 14 years is a long time to be away from family and country. And I am glad to be home.


  1. I took a double take when I read Maraetai! But we're at Sea Maraetai not Lake Maraetai ;) Your photos are stunning and sounds like you're settling in well...though missing people and places. I hope the weeks until Austin comes don't drag too slowly! I, too, find summer Christmases not quite the same anymore...but family fills the gap ;) xxxx

    1. Thanks Remaliah❤️ I know you understand so many of these feelings!
      Hoping life is getting back to normal after the wee spell in hospital recently? Thinking of you all xx

  2. Oh my heart smiles with gladness as I read this knowing you are home and happy and then aches for my loss. I miss you like crazy! Love it that you are blogging again- it's been so long- and now I'm the one who is desperate for life updates and glorious photos. Love you my precious friend. Love Sez

    1. You're my incentive to keep them coming! 😊 Love you very very much xxx

  3. This warms my heart, but also makes me miss you all very much. Makes me want to come over sooner !!! So much love from sunny London! Yes thats right it has been sunny all week :) We are having a heat wave!!!

    Love you very much xx

    Ps. Your plants are doing well (thumbs up)

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