Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Dummy Fairy

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Luca TJ Bokser.

Luca TJ was a cute little boy with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and very long legs who loved his dummy very very much.

There were other things also that Luca TJ loved. He loved cars, but he loved his dummy even more than cars.
He loved chocolate and icecream, but he loved his dummy even more than chocolate and icecream.

One day Luca TJ's Mamma and Papa told him a story about the Dummy Fairy who visits Big Boys and Big Girls during the night and collects all their dummies because, being Big Boys and Big Girls, they don't need their dummies anymore. Apparently dummy's were only for Little Boys like Luca TJ's new baby brother Beni LJ.

Now as you can imagine Luca TJ was vey upset about saying goodbye to his dummy for his dummy was his best friend! How would he go to sleep without his dummy? When he falls over and hurts himself who will comfort him if he doesn't have his dummy?

The Dummy Fairy understands that it can be a very hard thing to say goodbye to your dummy, so to make it easier for Big Boys and Big Girls to do this she kindly leaves a very special present in place of all the dummies they have said goodbye to.

"Maybe this won't be the end of life as I know it after all" thought Luca TJ, for he also loves presents.

Although Luca TJ was feeling sad about having to say goodbye to his dummy, he was very much looking forward to getting a totally rad new present from the Dummy Fairy and wondered what she would give him...

Maybe it would be a big tree that grows gelato in the summer and hot chocolate in the winter?
Or maybe it would be his very own Porsche car, Ferrari car or Audi car? (because those are Luca TJ's favourite fast cars)

Any of these would be a worthy replacement for his dummy.

And so the evening came when Luca TJ had to place all his dummies on the chair in his bedroom and say goodbye. It wasn't as hard as he thought it would be because he knew when he woke up in the morning there would be a very special present waiting for him on the chair from the Dummy Fairy.

That night Luca TJ dreamed of driving fast cars while sucking on dummies dipped in chocolate and icecream.

In the morning when Luca TJ woke up he looked over at the chair in his bedroom and found that all his dummies had disappeared and in their place was... a really wicked fire truck! But it wasn't just any ol' firetruck. This one folded out into a city scene with roads, ramps and fast cars! Oh the joy! Oh the rapture and applause! Why have a dummy when you can have a really wicked fire truck instead?!

And so it came to be that Luca TJ Bokser went from being a Little Boy to a Big Boy overnight because he no longer has the need of a dummy and now has a really wicked fire truck.

His Mamma & Papa are still high-fiving each other that it worked so well.

And they all lived happily ever after.... or at least until Potty Training begins.


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  1. That is AWESOME :-) Well done Luca TJ !!!!!!!! What a big boy!! xxxxxxxx


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