Sunday, 7 February 2010

A very special day

Today our Numero Due was dedicated at church (along with 3 other babes).

Today we acknowledged publicly God's blessing in our lives with giving us wee Beni and how we desire for our son to follow God's path for his life, thus dedicating him to God.

What a special and poignant moment in time.

It's an incredibly amazing thing to be given a child. To be given the opportunity to look after this child and to do your very best to raise him/her in a loving and Godly way, that they may learn from us to honour God, others and themselves and to live life well!

It's an incredibly scary responsibility as parents and the only way Austin & I can do this well is with God's help, wisdom and intervention!

Of course being a parent I want the very best for my children - for them to be successful in life and to turn out to be really great people. No pressure, but their success in life heavily depends on their childhood and upbringing which is my responsibility as their parent... arghhh!

So it is only right that we should acknowledge God and request His help in our role as parents!

I love this - it really sums it up nicely...

A Mother's Prayer

Oh Lord I need your help today.
I want to care for those you have sent into my life
To help them develop the special gifts you have given them.
But I also want to free them to follow their own paths
And to bring their loving wisdom to the world.

Help me to embrace them without clutching
To support them without suffocating
To corrent them without crushing.

Help me to live joyfully and playfully
So they can see your life in me
And find their way to you.



  1. Awww ... wee Beni all dressed up! Is that his Christmas outfit? So wish we could have been there to support you all xxx

  2. Cute - baby dedications are so precious!!

  3. Hang on a minute!!! Is that Mark Collard holding your bubba??? Are you at Equippers in London??? If so, oh what a small worl. I am at Equippers in Auckland. :)

    BTW thanks for your very kind comment on my bottom post :)


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