Saturday, 6 February 2010

The best things in life are free

They say money can't buy you happiness.

I would quite like to be able to speak from experience and say "Yes the above statement is adsolutely true" because that would be WONDERFUL to have lots and lots of cash-oh-la! But I somehow think I would, if I had to choose, still go for happiness over money. But both would be nice, of course.

Happiness is something you simply cannot put a price on nor take for granted.

I keep getting drawn back to the simple pleasures in my life that cost nothing and yet make me do the 'double-lung' sigh of contentment when I experience them.

Today Beni did his first real giggle and oh my goodness I thought my heart was going to explode with delight! It was so flippin CUTE and he had me cracking up and it resulted in a laughing competition between us. Priceless!

This got me thinking on the many simple pleasures in my life that are free and that I can so easily take for granted. Things I love, things that make me feel happy and content and remind me that my world is a beautiful place.

So here is a quick list of 15 simple things that make me happy:

1. The smell of...
- fresh cut grass
- bread baking in the oven
- freshly ground coffee
- my husband's D&G aftershave (DAMN he's hot!)
- puppies
- my children's skin after their bath
- my pillow (it's a childhood thing ok?)

2. Climbing into a bed with fresh linen

3. Listening to the rain on the roof when I'm tucked up in bed

4. Fluffy clean towels

5. Hearing my children laugh

6. A spontaneous embrace from my husband

7. Hearing my mum & dad's voice on the phone (that costs them for the long distance call though...)

8. Reading in bed

9. Spending quality time with my friends (which doesn't happen enough)

10. Lying in a hot bath with scented water and candals

11. Sitting down with a cup of tea and my knitting (say what you like, I know I'm still cool!)

12. Breastfeeding my babies

13. The sun on my skin

14. My freshly painted fingernails and toenails

15. Having my children fall asleep on me - I could stay cuddling them forever

...there's so much more I could list here but it's nice to get some of them down on 'paper'.

I need to remember to come back to this list if I'm having a particularly bad day and re-remind myself of all the simple things in life that I love and that actually make this life of mine a beautiful one.

La vita รจ bella.

Don't forget it Brigitte.


  1. So true, the simplest things bring the most happiness :)

  2. Yes Brigitte ... don't forget it!!! You are truly blessed. Love you xxx


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