Wednesday, 10 March 2010

What does YOUR mamma smell of?

If a group of 2 year olds were to be asked what their mamma smells of today, the conversation would go something like this:

Question: "What does your mamma smell of today?"

Toddler #1: "My mamma smells of lavendar"
Toddler #2: "My mamma smells of roses"
Luca: "Well my mamma smells of baby vomit and breastmilk"...


It's just been 'one of those days'... from baby vomit to leaking breasts to messy house... yes, even I the Organised-Tidyness-Freak have let the housework slip today and it actually didn't bother me... too much.

Look, I even took a photo to prove I can be messy! This is very humble of me I thought (although I did tidy up straight after I took this...)

I got the chilluns weighed this morning and Luca is now 16kg and 95cm tall - aparently perfectly in proportion for a 3 year old (...although he's only 2 and a half... bless his size 8 cotton socks!)

Beni has put on 9oz in 7 days and is now 5.54kg (12lb3) - go boy go!! SUCH a relief to have his weight start to climb up again. 

I like 'em chunky!

So now the little people are in bed and the husband is home doing the dishes (I LOVE HIM!) I'm off to soak away the Milky-Mamma smell in a bath scented with lavendar oil. Hmph.

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