Monday, 8 March 2010

The roaring dinosaur

Our little boy Luca - two and a half years of pure mischief, cheekiness and delight wrapped up in a blonde-haired, blue-eyed bundle.

This little boy is constanly surprising his parents with the things he comes out with.
He has a sharp wit and loves to laugh. 

And he LOVES to roar like a dinosaur.

Why a dinosaur? What is this fascination? But it constantly keeps me on my toes...
...When at the library he runs around roaring like a dinosaur while all the other children sit quietly on their parents laps reading books together...
...When at the bus stop he roars at people as they wait for the bus... Quite often they roar back...
...When at the Toy Library play sessions he roars at other children and makes them cry...
...When somebody comes to the door they are greeted by a roaring dinosaur...

And oh how I love and adore my roaring dinosaur of a son!

His face is constantly dirty.
His trousers are always lo-riding.
He loves splashing in muddy puddles and discovering and collecting nature (we have quite a rock collection at home now...)

He loves cars, trucks, motorbikes, trains, planes and helicopters. In fact, he's turning into quite a 'petrol-head'. Whenever we are out for a walk or driving in the car he is always the first to spot a Porsche car, Audi car, Mini car and any other car that looks cool becomes 'Fast car'.

We are going through potty training at the moment and so whenever my husband or I come out of the toilet we hear a little voice saying "Well done Mamma!" or "Well done Papa!".
It's a little bit disconcerting actually... 
Austin feels quite chuffed that he is getting praise for going to the toilet - all he usually hears from me is "Light a match! That's disgusting!!"...

As a result of numerous successful poos in the potty he now has quite an extensive collection of cars. And as a result of his mother's Tidy-Organised-Freak gene he takes great pleasure in lining up/parking all his cars bumper to bumper and is quite happy to spend all day driving them around the house and arranging them in lines before moving them all on to the next parking location.

As mentioned in other posts he loves to cook with his papa and help make the morning coffee.
He enjoys baking cookies with mamma while wearing my gingham apron which he has now claimed as his own. I'm sure his main motivation for helping is because he manages to eat the mixture. I give him a spoonful to roll into a ball: "Eat it?", "No you roll roll roll it and put it on the tray". So he pops it in his mouth anyway... So obedient at the moment it's unbelievable...

(please excuse the exposure of the cleavage!)

But most of all he loves his little brother. He is a very proud big brother and it's just delightful watching him interact with Beni, giving him cars to play with and kisses on the top of his head.

Sometimes I look at him and I still can't believe he is mine. That this is the same dear little 8lb5 bundle I pushed out 31 months ago, he who has brought us so much joy and laughter and happiness and fulfillment.

Of course there are times (sometimes on a daily basis) when I pretty much want to up and leave because my toddler is driving me up the wall, but it always comes to the end of the day when he's tucked up in bed fast asleep and I find myself wiping away tears because I love this little guy so much, because I'm so proud of him and because I feel so blessed to be the one that he calls "Mamma".

A friend told me about a card he came across the other day which made him think of Luca. It read 'In dinosaur language "RRROOOOAAAARRRRRR" means "I Love you".


  1. Awh! What's that water in my eyes?

    The photos in the park are gorgeous. Gretchen?

  2. Dear wee Luca ... love the cooking photos!

  3. What are we going to do about a potty when he comes here? Maybe a seat for the toilet?

  4. Thanks Sez for your comments! Photos c/- Austin actually (he's pretty clever this husband of mine) :)


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