Friday, 14 May 2010

Celebrating an old friend

In honour of our old friend The Sun making an apprearance today, this mamma and 2 boys headed out with a buggy laden with snacks, water and nappies.

In honour of our old friend The Sun we all wore shorts.

In honour of our old friend The Sun we all got some new summer sandals!

In honour of our old friend The Sun we went to the playground and drove trucks

...and climbed up the slide the wrong way

...and steered a ship

...and spotted pirates

...and a certain someone managed to poo in his undies at the playground.
His mamma thought he was just doing really well at actually keeping quiet during hide and seek.
The undies went straight into a nearby rubbish bin.

And now our old friend The Sun has set.
The children are fed, bathed and finally sleeping.
The Husband is working at the 'Kiss' concert at Wembly Arena tonight eating pan-fried sea bass and banoffee pie from the tour's catering company.
I felt that was rather unfair so I ordered an Indian Takeaway - to be delivered even!

My pillow is luring me and I am about to give in, although sleep won't come until husband gets home safely.

I am thankful for today and all it entailed, so thankful I could spend it with 2 precious little boys.
Thankful for my husband who made me freshly squeezed juice and a coffee this morning and brought it to me in bed.
Thankful I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes. Yuss!
Thankful for this beautiful life and all who I share it with.
Thankful to my faithful God who has made this life beautiful.


  1. i so agree with chucking poohey undies in the bin, prob our mothers wouldn't have done that! kids are a bit older now so hoping that won't happen again for awhile!
    love your posting, you are awesome! sounds like fun with your friend and some Indian. xx

  2. Loving the wee feet in the super-wee sandals!!! Yours look very nice too, but nowhere near as cute as the bubba-feet ;)


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