Monday, 17 May 2010

Do dinosaurs have big bedrooms?

A few days ago Luca and I were playing with his cars when out of the blue he says "Mamma, do dinosaurs have big bedrooms?".

Hmmmm. A very good question.

"Oh yes" said I, "dinosaurs have very big bedrooms"....

I suppose they do.

"Big beds and big sleeping. Big cushion and close eyes", he added.

If I've ever wondered what Luca thinks about, now I know.
Dinosaurs are on the brain.
I can feel a birthday party theme starting to form already!


The days are starting to get longer and the sun has stopped being so shy so we are making the most of getting some Vitimin D into our bodies by being outdoors as much as we can (although Beni still chooses to wear his woolly socks...)

Beni really had the Old man look down to a fine art with the woolly socks, cardigan, hunting hat and rug over the knees.

Dear wee man.

I have been surprised and suitabley impressed at the speed and apparent ease that Luca displays when kicking and dribbling a football. He's quick and actually quite hard to catch! Of course I pretend that it is all part of my plan to not be able to catch him...
Unfortunately our one-a-side football game ended abrubtly when Luca threw the ball over the fence into the garden.

I've been enjoying getting back into running again. Austin and I have always done lots of running together and now that we have children we are determined for this not to interfere with the quality time we have when we go out running together (believe it or not it's a great way to catch up with each other!)

On Saturday we went for a 'Family Run' together - which means, Luca and Beni in the buggy and Austin and I taking turns to push their combined mass of 25.5kgs around the 12km of Richmond Park.

And my motivation? The thought of possibly having to get into a bikini in 3 weeks time in the South of France.

As for Beni, well we now have a delicious little chunky monkey on our hands.

He who at 3 months was under the 2nd percentile in weight (that means, out of 100 babies - #1 being the smallest and #100 being the biggest - Beni was #2 smallest baby) is now weighing in at a hefty 9kgs at just under 6 months of age which means he is now in the 91st percentile - whoop whoop! Go boy go!
This also means that he is giving his older brother a run for his money for the chunky-ness title when he was the same age.

Ooooooohhh and I love a chubba bubba! They are quite delectable.

I am also pleased to report that the Brotherly Love continues.

Well, most of the time...

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