Thursday, 27 May 2010

A love born and a love rekindled

For his 2 year birthday Luca got a Thomas the Tank Engine scooter-bike thing (don't know it's official title sorry, looks like a skateboard with a handlebar...?) from two of his favourite people in the world, Matty and Sezzy.
Back in August last year when Luca turned two, Thomas was highly in favour of Luca's undivided attention. He would constantly be asking to watch his Thomas DVDs and he would re-tell the stories back to you as he ate his dinner.
I got so familiar with that blasted theme song "We're two we're four we're six we're eight, shunting trucks and hauling freight, red and green and brown and blue, we're a really useful crew..." that I would wake up in the middle of the night with it in my head, I would go to work with it on the brain, it would be on auto-replay all blimmin' day in my head that it almost drove me round the bend ("...Up the hill and round the bend, Thomas and his friends" even!...) *exasperated sigh*

And then quite out of the blue Luca decided that he didn't want to watch Thomas anymore and he wanted to watch Pingu instead.

"No no Thomas! Pingu" he would say
"Are you sure you don't want to watch Thomas? You love Thomas!" I would reply, a little concerned about this sudden change of heart. In a funny way I would miss hearing that blasted theme song!...
"No no Thomas. Luca watch PINGU!".
Ok. Fine.
Sorry Thomas, you had your chance and you sucked up approximately half a year of Luca's love and devotion. But now you are rellegated to the back of the queue, behind Pingu, dinosaurs, fast cars, trucks and aeroplanes.

"Shame" I say with secret hidden glee. Miss Jenny was really starting to annoy me with all her talk about "You're all part of a team" and the like.
And it was slightly concerning the way Luca was so absolutely taken with the naughty trucks Max and Monty.

But as of Monday this week, my Thomas-free days came to an abrupt end when Austin decided to finally put some batteries in the part where batteries go on Luca's Thomas bike. And oh my word did Luca's world just become a more beautiful place!
Every day this week Thomas bike has been ridden hard and put away wet.

Thanks to two batteries and three buttons on the back of the handlebars:
1. Thomas bike now makes a whistle sound.
2. Thomas bike now makes a 'chugging' sound
3. Thomas bike now plays that blasted theme song....... neat.

And the Thomas DVDs have become the flavour of the month again...
A love born and a love rekindled.

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  1. The cycle continues ... only this time Thomas now has an added fan - a chunky munkey xxxx!!!!!


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