Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Finishing is better than starting

Finishing the dishes is better than starting the dishes.
Finishing having a baby is better than starting to have a baby...
Finishing a run is better than starting out on a run.
Finishing cleaning the toilet is better than starting to clean the toilet.

Although there is often joy in the process (with cleaning the toilet being the exception here...), there is always a great sense of satisfaction and achievement upon completion of a task or project.

I am currently experiencing a great sense of satisfaction upon finishing sorting out all my summer and winter clothes and putting my winter clothes away. There has been a jumbo-sized rice bag FULL of my summer clothes sitting just outside our bedroom door which I have been trying but failing to sort through for the past 3 weeks.

But today I have completed this task and I feel like a new woman! This bag is now full of winter clothes and maternity clothes that I am more than happy to put away out of sight.

I have also put away all my winter coats and boots (in a seperate suitcase...) and replaced them with summer dresses and sandals. HOORAH!!

Now although there was great joy and satisfaction experienced upon completing this task, there was tremendous jubilation and high-fiving to myself when I discovered I fit into all my pre-Luca clothes! Big Ups to you Mamma. Whoop whoop!

I also gathered quite a large bag of clothes that I don't need anymore (don't worry Sweetpea, you will get first dibbs on these!). And now that my drawers and wardrobe are choca-bloc full of clothes for the summer this has just reinforced my decision to not buy any clothes this year (reasons for which are explained here).

Note to best friend Sarah: I think we now need to start putting money or a decent bottle of wine on this as I have made it to the 6 month mark without even sniffing new clothes and, although I have learned from experience that you are always right about everything, I feel you have severly misjudged my abilities with this one. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I'm loving this feeling of satisfaction upon completion so much that I think I'll continue with doing big clean-outs and re-sorting of cupboards and drawers. I've learnt to make the most of this sudden urge to re-organise my household as this doesn't take hold of me very regularly. I don't think it takes a-hold of my husband at all as he is most definitely the hoarder of all time.

Aparently most men have a 'man-drawer' (as described most brilliantly by comedian Michael McIntyre below), but my husband has a 'man-cupbaord' which he actually gets angry at everytime he tries to find anything in it...

So as my household gets organised and de-cluttered, as the days get longer and warmer, as my jeans get looser and my boys get cuter by the minute, life is feeling pretty darn good. I like feeling like this.

Today I am feeling strong and like I can be a really great wife and mother.
(better get off the computer then and cook my husband some dinner!)

And so I will leave you with a few pics of those with the cuteness-factor goin' on.


  1. Oh I love my wee boys, they are SO CUTE!!! Sigh.
    Love the man drawer. I think I have a woman drawer ... maybe 2 actually.

  2. Yay for you! Stink for me..I'm at the putting off the beginning end. Maybe I'll actually switch the clothes out tomorrow..or not lol.


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