Saturday, 29 May 2010

A whole lot of gratefulness

I am in a state of perfect and rather tender contentment as this day comes to a close.

Our two boys are sleeping soundly, both in our room. Their soft breathing making beautiful whispering harmonies together without them even being aware. 

One in a baby hammock, rocking gently, peacefully with each breath. 

The other is in our bed because he had a wee accident tonight when he was jumping on the couch while brushing his teeth. He has learnt the painful way to listen to his mamma & papa when they tell you not to do this because you could slip and your toothbrush could poke you in the back of your mouth (which it did) and it would be very sore (and it was). He is now dosed up with nurofen and his papa has just finished cuddling him to sleep.

I just can't get enough of these days when we are together as a family.

I just can't get enough of watching my husband pour out a whole lot of love onto our boys.

I often catch myself sitting back just watching him be a father to Luca and Beni and wondering how on earth I got the privelege of being his wife and the mother of these adorable children. These boys who every day seem to grow, develop and become ever more cuter before my eyes.

I feel so priveleged and honoured to be the one who can stay at home with our boys while my husband works hard to enable me to do so. I am so grateful that in the mornings he is the one who gets up early with the boys, gives them their breakfast and brings me a coffee in bed, all before he heads out for the day. What a legend!

I am humbled by and thankful for the many blessings in my life which I know, without a doubt, have been hand-picked by none other than God Himself.

I am so so grateful to God for His love and protection over me and my family. That He has always provided for our needs, often even before we have to ask for them!

I am at peace knowing that our journey through life as a family is safe in the hands of God. 

This Wife and Mamma's heart is full to overflowing with a whole lot of gratefulness.


  1. Aww Brigitte, this is such a sweet post. I love it, your boys are just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful boys and stunning photographs!


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