Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lessons Learned, a Chick-Flick & Rainy Day Tuesday

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday here in the UK which means there's now only 4 days before the weekend again! Love those loooong weekends.

So to fully take advantage of the fact that hubby was home, I made a break for the door and went for a run in the morning, then swiftly moved on to the cinema in the afternoon.

Awesome day (for me... I don't think Austin was toooo happy about being 'left with the kids' so to speak...).

Anyhoo, so I went for run around Richmond Park and loved (nearly) every moment of it! So lovely to get out in the wide open space of the park, in amongst the trees and with dirt tracks underfoot. Running the off-road trail nearly makes me feel like I'm running in New Zealand.

Upon reflection, apart from burning 990 calories (I KNOW!!) and getting fresh air in my lungs, my experiences from yesterday's run can be lessons learned for future outings in the park. They are as follows:

1. Ensure I have more than a smoothie for breakfast before going for a 1hr 20min run.

2. Steer clear of old ladies on bikes who obviously haven't ridden a bicycle since they were 8 years old and, although they fully intend to avoid me, in doing so they will actually hit me with their handlebars.

3. Remember to take money with me just incase half way around the park I strain my calf muscle and should really get a taxi home.

4. There's no need to be scared of dogs in Richmond Park because it is only ever big black dogs in Italy that will attack me and bite just under my bum when out running in the Italian countryside. The Richmond Park dogs are much to rich to bite my cheap white ass.

5. Christian worship music is not good to listen to while running as it makes one want to fall to their knees...
Foo Fighters, Evanescence, Pink are all good. Anything with dirty guitars that makes me feel ever so slightly agressive is good as it makes me go faster and forget about the pain!

Limping in the door I had a quick shower, made a quick lunch for the boys and limped back out again to get to the chick flick with my favourite chicks.
Yep, Sex and the City 2. In a word - AWESOME! (believe it or not!...)
I loved, loved, LOVED this movie and I actually didn't go in with high expectations because the first was so good. But what totally took me by surprise was the great morals portrayed in the movie about the sacredness of marriage. If you haven't seen it I'm not going to spoil it for you, but just GO! Fabulously rediculous outfits (of course). Made me appreciate and cherish my girlfriends even more. Makes you want to go home, get fancied up and meet up with your best friends for cocktails and chats.


There's just something about a rainy day that makes you want to get all cosy.
Today was a rainy day in London which also means an 'inside' day for us. This would normally freak me right out because 'Oh my gosh I have to entertain the children by myself INSIDE THE HOUSE ALL DAY and what will we DOOOOO?'
But I guess that 'normal' response is not who I am anymore. I think I'm actually getting my head around motherhood and having 2 children. And I must be relaxing more into this role of Stay At Home Mamma because I'm definitely enjoying it so much more. Wahoo!!

Luca came out of his room at one point with felt pen all over his feet saying "Look Mamma look!". So proud he was of his new markings. He took my hand and led me into his bedroom where he proceeded to 'tattoo' my legs and feet with all the colours of the rainbow.
NOTE to unsuspecting parents: the green crayola 'washable' felt pen stains the skin. Unfortunately this was the main colour Luca used on our legs...!

And then it was straight onto painting with his special paints from Aunty Gretchen
I love watching this little boy create. His facial expressions are wonderful and he just goes for it! No holding back. No delicate strokes. Just straight in there boom bang boom and TA-DAA! A masterpeice. Literally.

Of course my child is an intellectual and creative genius. Doesn't every mother think that of their precious little ones?

Casserole was in the slow cooker by 12:30. Children lunched and in bed for their afternoon nap (at the same time mind!) by 1pm. Well done mamma!

There was a bit of Pingu watching when they woke from their naps. At one stage I looked from the kitchen out into the lounge and Beni was doing big gummy-grinning at something on the computer, so I went to see what it was and it was a photo of ME that had come up on our screensaver! Flip. How to make a mamma feel special and loved! Cute little guy.

Rainy days are also a good opportunity for BAKING! So Luca and I made a banana loaf for Papa to let him know we love him and miss him during the day when he is at work.
And baking is always an exciting time for Luca as there are many opportunities to slip the mixture into your mouth when mamma's not looking/pretending not to notice...
At one point I was busy telling him to keep his fingers out and just use the wooden spoon to stir and he sticks his finger in the flour and then looks at me and grins.
 "Well sure, you can eat it" I say (cos you're going to anyway no matter what I say) "but you won't like it."
So he puts his floured finger in his mouth.
"Mmmmm!" says the cheeky little boy sitting on the bench in his undies and T-shirt.  "Nice" and pats his belly.

*cue sigh from Mamma while lifting eyes heavenward*

And now it's off to bed, off to bed. Time to join the little people in their slumber.


  1. What was the injury in the photo? Was that from your run today or was that the Italian job?
    Love the photos of Luca and Beni xx

  2. Love. As usual. I'll need to make a couple of running CD's for you by the sounds of things tho. xxx

  3. that was the Italian black demon dog bite. Morso di cane. Won't be forgetting how to say that one! X

  4. Oh Mrs extremely wonderful stay at home Mamma -
    you make me smile... and sometimes say "what the heck have we done?!" but then I remind myself, to calm the rising panick, "there's only going to be one!". Miss you all so very much. And the boys are looking very very healthy, handsome and happy, which means their parents are doing a fantastic job!


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