Friday, 30 July 2010

The funny side of life

Carry laughter with you wherever you go.  ~Hugh Sidey

I have learned it is good to look back and laugh at things/situations that happen in life that at the time have the potential to completely overwhelm me.

I have also learned it is good to blog about them so I am able to - maybe, just maybe - see the funny side of things.

There have been many of these moments already this week where I have just had to stand back and laugh at the situation - otherwise I would have cried.

Laughter and Tears. Two emotions that are so opposite from each other and yet, when the situation arises, they both rise up with equal ferocity hoping to be the one selected for the occasion.

As I said, it's been quite a week. And looking back it's probably not too much out of the ordinary (!) but in the heat of the moment I seemed to think the situation was going to totally do me in. I must admit I'm feeling slightly out of my depth as a Mamma this week. I'll come up for a quick breath soon, I know I will.

Unfortunately a lot of my stressful moments can be attributed to Luca "I'm still very much a two-year-old boy" Bokser.

As incredibly cute and delicious as he is, he can absolutely frustrate the hell out of me!

The motto he seems to currently be living by is: "Those are the rules but rules are made for breaking".

Getting him to do anything we ask usually ends in a physical battle to stay on the Time Out seat for not listening. 

Bedtimes and cleaning of the teeth have now enlisted the services of Henry the Crocodile, Lion and Robot.
Should I be concerned that it is very difficult to get Luca to listen to Austin or I, especially when it is something he really doesn't want to do - and it is only when we hold up the crocodile, lion or robot and pretend they are speaking and asking him to do as we ask, then we get an instant response from Luca...?!
But I'm telling you, if that's what it takes for him to obey us then so be it!

And how about this whole 'playing with the diddle' thing?? I mean, come on! I'm not a boy, never have been, so I am at a complete loss when I find my sweet, innocent, not-even-3-years-old-yet, beloved child holding hands with his third leg...
Today when I caught him again and said that his diddle is not for touching, he comes back with "It's MY diddle Mamma!"...
You're right about that son.

Any advice anyone? All suggestions are most welcome!

But my 'stand-out' moment from this week when I really needed to make a quick decision between laughter and tears was when I was out for a run around Richmond Park (approx. 8 miles).
Now you need to understand that I have been having some stomach issues for the past couple of weeks thanks to a virus that's going around and I am now feeling heaps better (thank you). But unfortunately I started having another 'attack' of the familiar stomach cramps when I was only half way around the park. I was able to stop by numerous public toilets in the next little bit but they were all locked up for the evening.
Anyway, I finally had to give-in to the urge and headed, rather rapidly, towards the bushes, all the while chanting "I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it".
And then a bloody deer decides to jump out at me from behind a tree and made me shit my pants.
I was not a happy camper.
I could not believe that I had just crapped my pants! And the almost just as terrible thing was that I still had to run 4 miles home...!
Fortunately I had my black running leggings on... and I wasn't feeling too tired at that stage so I just gunned it home and jumped straight in the shower, clothes and all.

And so after this experience I feel that I can now have a bit more sympathy for Luca when he poos his pants, whether it's an unintentional poo or not. I can empathise.

Now that I've told you my darkest and most humiliating experience of the week, I shall be off to bed and leave you with these photos from today's outing to the playground with 2 very adorable boys.


  1. Thank you so much for your blog, I feel bad for laughing but I haven't laughed so much for ages and it felt great. I'm sorry for your experience but feel so liberated that you can be so honest with your blog and don't feel the need to only write about good things in life as we (with toddlers) all know that frustating, pull your hair out things happen daily, and we don't have to pretend everything is wonderful all the time. :-)

  2. Hahahahaaa!! Oh my oh my, SO right about not knowing whether to laugh or cry, does it count when you do both at once ... ? Your blog just made me laugh so hard that I cried. I'm sorry about the run and the deer and the jumping out from behind a tree, but dear lord ..... (gasp for air between fits of laughter ... ) ... ahhhh. Thanks, I totally needed that. Hang in there my darling sister, you're doing great. xxxxx

  3. Yep. A good laugh is just what I've been needing!
    Thank you sweety pie xx

  4. Oh my, oh dear, I don't want to laugh..... but unfortunately I am known for laughing at inappropriate times and things!!!!

    I love your "out there" ness in this post!!
    I think I would have done more than "soiled" myself had a deer jumped out at me!!

    Oh, those boys and their 3rd legs. Yes, my son went through a phase of hand in pants and flinging, pulling and playing.... while watching tv. But it was a phase.... and hope it stays that way!!

  5. I am laughing out loud at you, precious one.
    that is so funny, well written and such a great one to be able to choose laughter or tears. You are awesome Brigette. thanks for sharing your business with us! love it!
    Love your new looking blog, love to you, xx

  6. You poor thing! As someone who also suffers for touches of sensitive stomach now and then, you have experienced my worst fear, and lived to tell the tale.

    Black running pants. Must buy some.

  7. Ryanplaying with himself was a phase, he stopped about 15... maybe 16......


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