Friday, 23 July 2010

A cosy kind of rain

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.  ~Author Unknown

The past couple of days have been rainy days. 
But I am not complaining. Oh no!
The rain has been a sweet relief from the hot and humid weather we have been having.
But once again I am not complaining!
This lovely hot summer we are having has been a long time coming! And even though we are thoroughly loving it, it's nice to get some refreshing relief from the heat in the form of beautiful big raindrops.

I totally blame my dad and the 'farmer' blood in me that always makes me think how pleased the farmers will be with the rain to make their grass and crops grow.
Even though I'm stuck in the middle of London it's nice that I still think of the farmers and their grass. Innit.

When the rain started coming down I used the opportunity to place all my potted plants outside to soak up the goodness from the heavens.

And Luca, seeing the front door open, used this opportunity to dash out into the rain and get soaking wet while squealing with delight.

And as the rain came down outside, it's droplets streaking the windows, we tucked ourselves up inside and kept ourselves occupied...


...enjoying the feel of soft wool on the skin...

...Watching cool fast cars on YouTube...

...listening to stories read by Mormor via skype...

...being ever so slightly eccentric, just for the sake of it...

...and drawing on Mamma's mirror then licking it off...

I looked after our neighbour's daughter this morning until just after midday. This was no problem and all was going swimmingly until the lunchtime feeding session and I managed to have 3 children crying all at once. It was quite comical and all I could do was laugh, which made them cry even more....
And then Luca decided to hit the little 9 month old girl in the head with a guitar.
As you do...

The weapon.

The consequence.

Maybe one day soon Luca will actually be able to play with his cars for a whole day without them having to be put away as the ultimate form of punishment for hitting/hurting someone.

But it's okay - tomorrow is supposed to be a sunny day!
And even if it's not, we know there is plenty of fun to be had indoors.

Except for when hitting others occurs and then the fun aspect drops dramatically - especially for this Mamma who ends up having to scrub felt and crayon off the walls and floors and mirrors and a certain little boy's legs and arms and his little brother's face and legs and arms..................................


  1. Great post Brigitte! It made me laugh - the little artist you have there!!

    I never really mind the rain... you can't when you live in Auckland :)!!

  2. This cracked me up - and i loved the story over skype... made my heart just weep a little!

  3. Stories over Skype? Genius!


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