Thursday, 1 July 2010

Morning has broken

It's 5:30am.

It's much too early to be awake and on the computer.

Both boys have been awake for half an hour. Luca is in his cot, his "Me awake! Me awake!" chant has now moved onto "Incey Wincey Spider" with clapping and cheering for himself each time Incey climbs up the spout again.

Beni-Boo is beside me on the lounge floor, talking to and sucking on each toy he manages to pull out of his toy box.

Seeing as Austin is still working the looooooong hours at the Music Festivals I thought it best to let him sleep and remove the babe who was wriggling and kicking and blowing raspberries in our bed. (no he doesn't co-sleep with us. I fed him in our bed when he woke at 5am with the intention of him going back to sleep after his bottle, which is usually the case, but this morning is the exception...)

So I figured why not start off the day with a list of things I am loving/enjoying/can't get enough of? Great idea!

1. For starters, Red Bull energy drink.
This wee concoction of loving kindness in a can is highly necessary in order to me to function at the moment. Good thing they have a sugar-free version so I don't feel quite so bad downing it on a regular basis.

2. Can't get enough of these delicious chunky-monkey thighs.
What is this urge that makes me want to sink my teeth into those thighs? Should I be worried?...

3. My bargain find of the month.
A painted antique rose serving tray with gold edging. £3. BARGAIN! I think it's lovely and it makes me smile and do a wee sigh whenever I walk past it in our lounge.

4. Luca's continued enthusiasm for helicopters and planes.

5. My newly potted flowers at our front door.
I know it doesn't look like much, in fact it's very minimal, but I'm feeling quite proud about making our front door look just a little bit more inviting. I often open the front door and just stand there taking in the prettiness. It's another little pocket of happiness I have around the home.

6. Baby Feet = Happy Feet.

And so, another morning has broken with a day full of potential ahead of it. I'm keeping an eye out for the pockets of happiness, be they big or small pockets, that bring joy and lightness of heart for those who recognise and absorb them.

Like a sponge with eyes............................


  1. LOVE the flowers, LOVE Luca, LOVE Beni, LOVE the tray, LOVE you xxx!!!

  2. Love the pockets of happiness... the pointing finger at the plane/helicopter. Beautiful things!!!

  3. what a cool post brigette, loving the monkey thighs and how you are making your home a nest by doing special things. love the antique tray too. ta for leaving kind comments at my bloghouse! love to you. wish we could do coffee sooner than i imagine we will be able too!

  4. Great post Buzzy Bee. Brought on the tears (in a good way). Missing you. xxx


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