Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's all very Rock 'n' Roll

There is one word that sums up my weekend and that is ROCK'N'ROLL!
(if that can be classed as one word...)

My husband was working at the Hard Rock Calling music festival in Hyde Park (as he does every year) and so, being the faithful wife, I accepted graciously the free tickets he had on offer for the weekend of music.

It was only the right and honouring thing to do really.

And wow. Oh my goodness. What. A. Weekend.

I almost had too much fun and am now feeling very weekended-out...

So how can I sum it up for you to really do it justice? I shall try.

The venue: Hyde Park, London. King Henry VIII's old hunting ground.
The festival was set right beside the Serpentine lake. Created by Queen Caroline in the 18th century. How about that then eh?

AND it was right beside a playground. Awesome!

Because Austin was working all weekend the two boys came along as well which wasn't a problem at all because:

a) this is the 3rd year running that Luca has been to these music festivals so he's an old hand at this.

b) Many of Luca and Beni's favourite people on this side of the world were there to help keep them entertained, fed and watered.

c) Austin could pop-out from the Artist Area where his office was based every once and a while and take Luca backstage or onto the viewing platform.

We were all very pleased that our old friend The Sun was with us for the weekend and was very wonderfully hot, which of course created a need for icecream.

...and gave us quite a thirst for mojitos.

...and dried up the ground which produced dusty festival feet. Oh so very Rock and/or Roll.

We spent our days dancing...

...singing (some of us better than others...)

...eating the great festival food...

...keeping the wee ones entertained...

...scoring free merchandise off people who, although it seemed like a great idea at the time to buy a blow-up guitar, couldn't be bothered lugging it home on the tubes and buses...

...and cuddling the wee ones as they got sleepy.

And once again we have a baby that can sleep peacefully anywhere, anytime. Even through Pearl Jam Live In Concert.

As you can see it wasn't all about the music but rather the experience as a whole. I love that I can take my boys along to events like this and they just seem to go with the flow, get down to it and have a blast of a time!

Beni was once again a hit with all the ladies in the Artist area around by Austin's work. He got cuddled and kissed by so many different women over the weekend it was quite rediculous. He even got to meet and have cuddles with the ladies from 'Mary Mary' who oohh'd and aahh'd over him even though he kept grabbing their luscious big lips...! The things you can get away with when you are 7 months old and terribly cute huh?

And so now I am in Recovery Mode...

...until it all starts again tomorrow night with Kings of Leon, Friday night is P!nk and Sunday night Jay-Z.
There are bands playing every night this week, but hey, a mamma of two needs her sleep! (and I suppose I can afford to be choosey...!)
And I should really let the little guys feel like they're a bit back to normal before I totally stuff up there routine again...

And if you are wondering, there are other young children at these festivals so I'm not being an irresponsible mother for the sake of my own enjoyment. I'm just so pleased and grateful we have very easily adaptable children and I certainly don't take this for granted, but I do make the most of it!


  1. Loved that Brigitte, what fab kids you have and what amazing experiences they are having.
    Glad they are so good for you
    Vanessa xx

  2. Awww!! I WANT TO BE THERE TOO!!

  3. Love the photos ... Beni and Luca swinging side-by-side how gorgeous. Hyde Park brings back memories.
    Enjoy your summer :o)!

  4. Aggggghhhhh! I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!! (Whoops on the capslock there) What a fab sounding weekend and great pics to boot. Looking forward to hearing about the rest of the festival :)

  5. Hey thanks for your comments on my blog! How cool, sounds like so much fun! And I would totally bring bub along to such an event, you've got earmuffs so you're good to go! I'm completely envious!


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