Wednesday, 14 July 2010

When all the cars are put away

One of the consequences for when Luca doesn't listen to us, has an obedience malfunction or [purposefully] hits Beni is that all his cars go away (out of reach) for the day. 

To put that into perspective, that would be like me being denied coffee for the day. That's a big deal.
And even though I can see the most wonderful, perfectly made coffee waiting for me, I can't reach it. It's beautiful fragrance filling my nostrils and yet I am denied that which I have grown to love and depend on so much to fill my days with joy. Sad huh?

It was a double-whammy today with Thomas Bike being put away as well. Ouch!

But when he finally accepts his car's fate for the day he just gets on with it and plays with all the other toys he has that get so neglected when those cars are around. I'm sure these toys secretly smile with delight and give each other high-fives when they hear Luca kicking up a fuss as they know the chances of them being played with today are very high.

And so to fill the massive 'Car-void' in his day he entertains himself with the likes of:
...his Pirate Ship
He also re-kindled his love for his calculator watch.

...his blocks
DO NOT look at the messy house...thanks.

...Pulling the flowers off Mamma's plants. I possibly wouldn't have known it was him but for the fact he left his Makapaka car at the crime scene. He's going to have to do some serious CSI watching I'm thinking!

...and of course there's drawing all over one's younger brother
Why draw on paper when drawing on a moving, slobbering object is so much more of a challenge?

And so to end (pun very much intended...sorry), this one's for the grandparents...
Check out those buns!!
As you can see child no.2 is following in child no.1's footsteps and is CHUBBA!
Just the way we like them.


  1. Not only does he have Mormor's thighs, he also has Mormor's buns!!!

  2. I can see Beni's likeness with his Aunty T in that last photo as well! ;) Must run in the family. Love the photo of Luca celebrating his tall blocks-tower!!


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