Monday, 23 August 2010

Enjoying the Fruits of the Season

Not just any ol' blackberries.  
We're talking Wild blackberries.
Lovingly and carefully hand-picked by Luca and his Papa during their Father-Son outing today.

After a quick run-around in the playground right next to the blackberry bushes (how convenient!)

...the goods from the blackberry raid were brought home to proudly show mamma.

And what does one do when one is presented with hand-picked fresh blackberries? Well, one makes Blackberry and Apple Pie of course!
I just need to add here I even made the pastry from scratch. Yes I did.

As I kneaded and rolled the pastry while the apples and blackberries simmered in a large pot on the stove I had the feeling that if I closed my eyes and shut all the windows (to block out the noise of London traffic) I could easily imagine myself being in a cute cottage kitchen cooking a home-made pie using brambly apples from our orchard and blackberries that were collected from the forest earlier that morning.

Oh. My. Word. did it taste good!! Using stem ginger in the berry and apple mixture was ingenious!

Click here for the recipe from

Fanks Jamie yeah. You is wicked innit.


  1. Yum!!

    Loving the wee traces of blackberry 'evidence' on Luca's cheek and the corner of his mouth ... what a great day out with Papa!!! xx

  2. I'm in love with your country-bumpkin pie-cookin!
    Inspiring - i almost felt i could taste it the way you were describing it. yum yum kitchen lady. love your work!!

  3. oh my oh my, what a glorious day! I'm full to the brim with smiles after looking at such wonderful pics!! Much love AK

  4. Wow - your photos would do a cookbook proud! What a happy day Luca had with his papa :o). Did he help with the baking as well?


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