Monday, 16 August 2010

It's all about the dinosaur {continued}

On Saturday we celebrated Luca's 3rd birthday with a DINOSAUR PARTY!

7 of Luca's friends and a couple of handfuls of big people joined us at an indoor activity centre.
It was cool.
We liked it a lot.

Being a dinosaur-themed party of course there was the option to come dressed as a dinosaur.

And some people? Well, some people are awesome and just go all-out when it comes to dress-ups!

There is absolutely no hope for Luca to turn out normal when these are 2 of his most favourite people in the whole world...

Aunty Gretchie (my sister) made her costume. She absolutely amazes me! I just couldn't get enough of checking out her hand-made outfit (but I'm not sure if dinosaurs had red lipstick??)

Even Beni was joining in on the action and spent the afternoon charming the ladies with his {borrowed} dino headgear.

I loved it that the adults could sit around and drink wine and coffee while the kids were off playing somewhere within the complex and you generally didn't have to worry about what they were getting up to!

But after a while it all started to get a bit much for some. A certain Grumpy Old Dodgy Dinosaur soon got tired of being poked in his oversize belly by small smelly children.

Soon enough it was time for cake! With much difficulty the children were rounded up from the far corners of the complex to be topped up with ever more sugar from the Volcano Lolly-Lava Cake.

Cake, lollies and many E Numbers were devoured in 5 minutes flat (never mind that it took me all morning to decorate it!)
One child choked on a lolly and vomited cake+ onto the carpet.
What's a party without a bit of hurling huh?

And as the sugar-slump started to kick in...

... party packs were given out and everyone was sent merrily on their way, including us.

I almost cried when I realised I could just walk away and didn't have to do any of the cleaning up! Bliss.


  1. Awesome!!! Looks like it was a really great day. Love the costumes, Luca looked very cool, and Beni was too-cute in his wee dino-hat!!

    And pterodactyls totally do wear red lipstick, everyone knows that.

  2. Exactly, thank you Tyra. If you had've been there you would have been a nonsense-singing brontasaurus - "mummy, please make the singing dinosaur stop!" I had mum's voice of caution 'Darling, please try to look pretty' - hence the pterodactyl's red lippy and eyelashes. RAAARRR. Thankfully I didn't terrify Luca this time (phew - dinosaurs, not clowns, dinosaurs, not clowns). Hey, with this gene-pool there is no chance that either of your boys will be 'normal', sorry. AMAZING cake Brigitte! I have a very clever sister. And I loved the costume that Austin made. Happy Birthday my big boy Luca T-Rex. RRRAAAAARRR! xxx

  3. Gretchen - it wasn't 'Darling, please try to look pretty', but 'Darling, remember you are beautiful!'. And yes, pterodactyls do have red lipstick.
    What an amazing party. Would have loved to have been Judisaurus or Mormorsaur. Dad could have been Scrumpysaur. He says he dosen't need a costume now that he is 60 - he looks like a dinosaur anyway!
    Happy Birthday to our darling big boy Luca T-Rex. RRRAAAAARRR!!! xxxx


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