Saturday, 14 August 2010

It's all about the dinosaur

Last weekend this little boy turned 3.

But, seeing as about half the population of children in the world seem to have their birthdays in August, we weren't able to secure the day for his birthday party. Another more organised mother bet me to it... darnnit!

But we still had a family dinner.
With cake. But not just any ol' cake. We are talking scary DINOSAUR cake! RRRaaaaarrrrrr!!!

Probably the freakiest cake I've ever made - we felt very bad cutting him up and eating him, thinking he might come back to haunt us...

But most importantly the Birthday Boy was suitably impressed with his mamma's fine handiwork (whew!)

And so tomorrow is Luca's actual birthday party. It's a Dinosaur Theme (are you surprised?)
Unfortunately it's forecast for rain so I did well and pre-empted the weather and have arranged for the party to be held at Eddie Catz which is a big children's play area just down the road. It also has a large cafe space for the adults to chill-out in, drink coffee and eat cake. AND they serve wine! I am SO there!!

So the last minute extremely organised preparations were being done tonight.

Luca's dinosaur costume is brilliantly taking shape under the surprisingly skill-full hands of my one and only.

Who's a pretty flippin' awesome and amazing husband then huh?
And he's very masculine (just incase you thought he might be a bit soft because he's caught here sewing...)

The cakes are made and cooling, ready to be 'created' into a Dinosaur Spectacular in the morning. Can't wait to get making! I love this part of the process! (mostly because I get to taste-test the sweets as I decorate the cake)...

Yes there is a little part missing from the edge of the cake on the left... that's because I ate some... It literally jumped into my hand as I was gently guiding the cake from out of it's bowl...

The dinosaurs are ready to be slotted in between each layer of the 'Pass the Parcel'

The Party Packs are ready

A whole packet of peanut M&M's has been consumed.

We are ready to roll!

The thing I am looking forward to the most tomorrow is seeing my Big Boy 3 Year Old enjoying himself with his friends and people who love him. And for him to feel very special and cherished.
Because he is.


  1. Hahaha. AWESOME post. I love that scary dinosaur cake - my boy has asked for a dinosaur party next year for his 5th! I think that cake would go down a treat!!

    As for the rest - love the costume making, the names on the goodie bags, the dinosaurs for pass the parcel.... the wine at the party place. Hope it all goes amazingly well and that you get to enjoy your little boy as he takes it all in! Well done fab Mama!

  2. How exciting!! I SO want to be there!!!!! LOVE the look on Luca's face as his cake came out - very different to the reaction when he turned 1 and was extremely upset at everyone looking at him and singing "happy birthday" (the poor little munchkin!!) ... he's quite clearly taking this one in his stride. Well done Amazing Austin doing the costume, I can see what he's doing there with the backbone and scales .... very creative indeed!! Have a lovely day, you're very well prepared, so enjoy!! xxxxx

  3. It all looks amazing, not scary either! The party will be FAB-u-LOUS!
    hope it went well, love love to you and the dinosaur guy. xx

  4. That cake is so impressive-WOW! Love your creativity, and what a cute-as lil guy your son is!! Ha I always have to 'test taste' a bit of my cakes too!!


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