Friday, 27 August 2010

A week of firsts

A good few things have taken place this week that have never taken place before.
New experiences, developments, occurrences.
A week of learning and moving forward.
Achievements for young and old alike.

So here are our list of Firsts for this week, in no particular order:

1. Austin and I watched The Notebook.
Yes, I understand this may shock many of you as it's been out since like 2004, but I had kind of been avoiding this one as I heard it's a real tear-jerker (although not as much as My Sister's Keeper apparently - once again, one I'm avoiding, for now).
And yes, I bawled my face off.
Sobbed myself to sleep in fact in the arms of my husband.
Great movie. Highly recommended if you have a cold heart of steel.

2. Beni started doing crawling (officially)
He has been getting around doing the Commando Crawl on his tummy, pushing himself along the floor with his left big toe and pulling with his arms. But he has discovered this week that being on all fours is quicker and doesn't wear out the fabric on the tummy of his stretch 'n' grows so much...

3. Went to see a Physiotherapist
I have unfortunately damaged my achilles tendon from running, right in the middle/peak of my marathon training. Typical.
But rather than following in my father and grandfater's 'stubbornness' genes by refusing to go to the doctor when injured, I booked an appointment straight away with the physio and doctor so I could get the 'all-clear' from them to keep training and to still be able to run the Loch Ness marathon at the beginning of October.
They are hopeful I can still do it, but I am having to be super careful with it.

4. For the first time in our 8 years of married life I made Austin's lunch for him to take to work.
Me feeling like good wife.
Me like feeling like good wife.

5. Dealt with 8 tantrums from Luca in the space of 1.5 hours while out in public. 

OK I've fallen asleep twice while writing this so it's off to bed for me.

Have a great weekend everyone! X


  1. Wow - what a crazy week! I too watched The Notebook for the first time this year (see - you aren't too weird!). Loving the elephant pants and your tantrum dealings... and making lunch for your hubby - that's awesome!!

  2. My Beni-Boo is crawling!!!!!! One proud Aunty, right here. *Sigh*

    And its official. After that review, I will now never watch 'The Notebook'.

  3. Aww! Go Beni! Those pictures of him asleep are just adorable. Hope your achilles makes a quick recovery!


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