Saturday, 23 October 2010

Escape to Wisley

There are always some mornings that are better than others. Today was a very trying morning on our poor nerves.

Children. CHILdren. CHILDREN!

Why oh why must you wake up early and come into our bed for snuggles (which is fine, we like this part), but then you wriggle and squirm and poke each other in the eye and pull hair and it always ends in tears.
All your mamma and papa want to do is sleep because it's a SATURDAY!

And so our day started off grumpily.
Mamma was ill and tired because of the baby in her tummy.
Papa was tired because he had been doing the morning shifts all week (because Mamma has been ill and tired because of the baby in her tummy) before going to work each day.
"A foul, sleep-deprived mood" as Austin described it. Not a great way to start any Saturday morning...

The only good things to come out of this morning were:
1. Ciabatta and Boston Bun made by Amazing Husband Of Mine.
2. Our most precious friends came for coffee (and Boston Bun) and brought their calming influence to our household. I love the way that as soon as they turn up our boys drop what they are doing and immediately engage in running/playing/tickling/jumping with two of their favourite people in the world.

After coffee and two slices of Boston Bun {because it really is that good} we decided a drive to a country pub for lunch was in order. So we headed south to a little village called Wisley which Austin and I stumbled upon one rainy day when we were out for a family drive. Love it when that happens - discovering little jewels hidden away off the beaten track.

The pub we lunched at is situated right beside a canal - a lovely old brick building (of course, we are in England!) with thick wooden beams inside, very cosy. AND children friendly! We like that.
Beni had his first taste of hot chips. He liked them. A lot.

After a good hearty meal of fish and chips and burgers (oh, and my side of freshly steamed vegetables... just to help balance out the fat intake from my fish and chips...) we decided upon a stroll along the canal. The rain had gone and left clear blue skies and fresh air in it's wake.
 Of course Thomas Bike came along for the ride and got his wheels very dirty which probably did him good as he's been a bit of a 'city' bike all this time and has never experienced the joys of riding his tyres through muddy puddles. He smiled and played his annoying theme tune and tooted his whistle the whole way.
So what started out being a very sucky day ended up being filled to the brim with fresh air, laughter, good food and the best company.

I highly recommend Escaping To Wisley for lunch at the pub and a walk along the canal with good friends to soothe the soul and let your children blow out their cobwebs.

Wisley may just see us again next Saturday....


  1. OOOOHHHH I'd love to stroll along there .... one day.
    And WOW to that awesome boston bun - blessed are you to have a husband who understands how to put things together in a bowl and then the oven!!

    Pray that the morning sickness eases off a bit for you soon - I sooooo remember that. More than the labours!

  2. ha! I'm with Gail and the how blessed you are to have a cooking husband! WOW!!!
    hope you are feeling better today

  3. Yes my husband cooks too ... he opens the pantry and grabs anything he can see with a lid that's been opened and adds it as an ingredient to what he's doing. He's even been known to put peanut butter and hundreds and thousands on a beef roast ...

  4. Oh, that food looks so delicious! & I love your photos! I want to visit Wisley, looks so charming. xx

  5. My Beni Boo looks so pleased with himself after eating his hot chips! Dear little guy. And love the photos of Luca and Thomas Bike. Looks like it was a great day. xxx

  6. Lovely photos, sounds like a great day. Congrats on your pregnancy and I hope that the evil morning sickness does not treat you too badly.

  7. that canal looks gorgeous makes me think of all the Famous Five books I read growing up. What a special place and a great way to turn around one of those sucky days.
    Would love to know your bread recipe. Been thinking (once i stop work) of making bread rather than buying as so much nicer so would love to know what recipe/website/book are you using? is the the artisan bread in 5 minutes kind of bread?


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