Thursday, 21 October 2010

Focusing on the end product

I'm lying on the couch as the autumn sun streams through the window and I feel like I'm dying.
But oh no, I won't die, I've experienced this feeling twice before and it's called morning sickness... and I know, from experience, this happens all day, every day for at least another 5 weeks.

The thought of moving makes we want to hurl.
I'm hungry and thirsty but the thought of putting anything in my stomach makes me gag.

I need to remember that I am very lucky to not actually get to the point of vomming like millions of other women experience during the early stages of pregnancy. Some of them all day every day and for most of their pregnancy.
I just get wiped out by a constant nausea and exhaustion which is enough for me thank you!

But even though the days are currently spent feeling rather fragile, it is for such an exciting and quite unbelievable reason! Austin and I are still a little bit in shock that baby number 3 is already on it's way and it's all good!

Because of the rather dramatic and speedy arrival of Beni we have agreed on having a home birth for this one. This is exciting and also necessary as I doubt I would get to the hospital on time if the last delivery was anything to go by...!
I met a lady last night who is a midwife locally and she was excited to hear of my home birth plans and has said that the team of midwives she works with are very skilled in homebirths so I'll hopefully hook up with them for my antenatal care. In the UK you get two midwives who care for you during a homebirth. I like the sound of that! Especially when the midwife who was assigned to us for Beni's birth wasn't even in the room when he fell out.
I joke with you not.
I had to yell out "Where's the bloody midwife? My baby's coming!" So she scuttled in the door, saw what was happening, turned around to put gloves on and by the time she turned back Beni was on the floor and Austin and I were looking at each other in shock thinking "Did our baby just fall out?"... I would like to avoid a replay of that if at all possible. Having two midwives present ensures at least one of them will be in the room to say "Catch your baby!"...
Poor little guy. He was a bit upset about falling on his head when he was born. Which is understandable! (don't worry, I was standing on a mat so it was a 'cushioned' fall...)

Anyhoo, I have a massive pile of washing yelling at me to fold it and I should really try and put something in my tummy.

If only KFC was close by...


  1. I had all day sickness for four months, with vomiting (I had to have a bucket in my car and bags with me everywhere I went.) I thought it would never end. He arrived last week safe and sound and thankfully wasn't dropped. xx

  2. OK so I've been slack on reading your posts - OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm stoked for you guys - big congrats! 3 certainly is fullon (looking after the baby side seems to get easier - though Nate made it easy for us cos he was so chilled - think the third one knows they have to be good to survive in the family!) Love that you're going for a homebirth and how awesome you met a local midwife. Let the kfc roll! xox

  3. The thought of morning sickness is so what puts me off the number 4 we so dearly want. You put it so well to think of the end product. Still.... I know it will happen when God is ready with His plans for our lives. I had a home birth for #3 and I loved every minute of it. the other 2 kids playing outside, eating dinner in the lounge while I laboured. Then as soon as Zeke was born they were able to rush in and see him. I also loved that I could shower and dress at home, when I felt ready and that there was food in the fridge whenever I was hungry. I know you will love a home birth. I'm so excited I will be counting down the 7 something months with you :)


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