Monday, 11 October 2010

Everybody loves the sunshine

We have had beautiful autumn weather over the past few days and so it is (apparently) to continue for the rest of the week.

I took great delight in being able to hang our clothes out to dry in the fresh air and sunshine and having them (mostly) dry within the hour.
We enjoyed a family lunch out on the balcony with our sunglasses on! I even had to go inside after a while because it was too hot - I'm obviously getting a bit soft now that I am a year older than I was this time last week..... but we were eating hot soup which probably didn't help.

I love Mondays.
Monday is the day of the week Austin gets to work from home.
Monday is the day that I get to sleep in (more than usual...) and I get to have a nap and read my book, do some knitting, go for a run pretty much whenever I want to. Sort of.

Today was the perfect Monday: I did lots of sleeping and reading, I did the dishes still on the bench from Saturday night's dinner (which wasn't so great at all but I thought I'd better look like I cared about my housewifely duties while Austin was at home...), I went for a run and had a loooong soak in the bath.
Oh I do love Mondays! 

In the weekend I made this birthday cake for our neighbour's daughter who turned 1 year old.
It's a giraffe...

I think I'm pleased with it?... It passed the 'Luca Test' which was a good sign - as in, I asked him what it was and he said "A Giraffe!". Clever boy.

Some of you have asked for the recipes for the bread and cookies from this post - of course this is fine but is it ok if I post them up for you tomorrow? Fanks yeah. Bed is now calling {for the 3rd time today....}

Upon exit, make sure you take the time to enjoy a little piece of Incognito Sunshine for your day.


  1. Napping....craving pickles....I think the stork's a-knocking at your door....

  2. You stole our sun! It's freezing here! love the photos - and I say rest up!


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