Saturday, 9 October 2010

Gems of the week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

Wondering why Luca has been so quiet and, while expecting the worst, I find him happily sitting down reading through his latest book find "Cars and Trucks and Things That Go".

Baking my own bread every day. It's so ridiculously easy I don't know why I have bothered with the shop-brought stuff up until now!
The boys love it. No crusts left on their plate anymore!
And the aroma that fills the house when the bread's in the oven? Oh. My. Word.

The H&M voucher my most dearest friend gave me because she knows I can't buy any clothes for myself this year.
As explained here.
Seeing my need she willingly gets me a voucher for my birthday (for an incredibly generous amount!) to spend at one of my all time favourite stores.
Now that is friendship. Seeing a friend in need and meeting that need. God bless you Sweetpea.
And so I went shopping this week and spent it ALL and WOW OH WOW it felt GREAT!
To be back in my Retail Therapy = I am whole again.
I felt like I had come 'home'.

The massive stack of Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cookies I made.  
So yummy.  
So chewy.
So good for one's bum and thighs...

My 10.5kg 10 month old chunky monkey. He's getting all big now!

The little pockets of time I get during the day to chase my boys around the house and tickle them silly. This is the best job ever!

Cheese and Pickle. Can't get enough, no. You could say it's my first craving...


  1. Yummy... bread and cookies! Do you mind if I ask where you got the bread recipe from? & being from the 'Dairy State' across the mighty pond (no, not California... grr) I just love cheese! x

  2. Wow that bread looks awesome

  3. Awesome list chick! LOVING IT ALL!! What a great friend you have - and gorgeous boys too!! I'm making more of our own bread too. My daughter especially loves it!

  4. Brigitte, I love your blog. Sometimes I am guilty of reading and running, but I do have the excuse of a breastfeeding baby on my person for much of the time and the art of one-finger typing eludes me. But I just wanted to say, while I got the chance, you are a go-to girl! xx

  5. hey lovely u,
    you should totally include your recipes on your blog - bread and bum and thigh biscuits! only if you wanna!
    love to you clever lady xx


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