Thursday, 23 December 2010

Gems of the week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

Or should I say, Gems of the last few weeks...? It's been a good few weeks since I last listed my 'Gems of the Week' but that doesn't mean I haven't been noticing them, appreciating them and soaking them up!

I'm quickly writing this after making 3 different batches of Christmas Cookies for our neighbours.
I've still got a couple of gifts to finish before Christmas Day - but that's okay, I've still got 2 days...!
This whole 'Handmade Christmas' thang is great and incredibly satisfying, but also incredibly time-consuming...


~ A large cardboard box that packaged a delivery became the source of much entertainment and laughter for a week plus some. Who needs numerous and expensive toys when your child is ever so happy playing with a cardboard box?

~ My Beni-Boo is now standing and has taken his first steps! He's very proud of himself and adores the praise we give him when he shows off his new tricks.

~ I have discovered a Sarah McLachlan album called 'Wintersong' that I am now completely hooked on. Christmas and Winter songs (but mainly Christmas) that are so hauntingly beautiful they will make you want to curl up by the fire with a glass of red and your knitting. (If you're a knitter...).
This song of 'Silent Night' is what I've been playing when it's the boy's nap time. The first time I tried this tactic the boys were giggling at each other across their room and generally not being very sleepy, so I put this song on and literally within 1 minute they had settled down and were drifting off to sleep. Genius.

~ I'm once again loving and completely fascinated by Luca's attention to detail. Every car gets parked with meticulous care, all facing the same direction.

~ Much to my husband's disgust I've been enjoying a Cheeky Cheeseburger from Mickey D's of late. I blame it on pregnancy cravings. I don't normally enjoy a cheeky cheeseburger because I'm not actually allowed to set foot in McD's. These are Austin's "rules". Anti-globalisation and all that.
But woah. Oh my goodness. I've forgotten how good they taste!...

~ Luca has been leaving me flabbergasted with some of the things he has been saying.
The other day we were sitting in the lounge and Beni was by the Christmas tree trying to look like he wasn't touching it and I noticed a look of fondness cross Luca's face as he watched his brother and then he says "Beni is so cute and soft".
And I couldn't agree more. Beni is cute and soft.
Then just yesterday he brings out the phrase that beats all other phrases by a mile. The completely impulsive and out-of-the-blue "I love you Mamma" followed by a kiss.
Well, I could have danced for joy! Those four words were such a sweet sound to hear and pulled every string of my heart.
I don't need anything for Christmas - I've just been given a most wonderful gift and I couldn't ask for anything more right now!


  1. Those are the best words they can say, how delicious. I'm so with you on the McDonalds front, I even gave my almost 18mth old a hamburger when I was pregnant the second time and I ate one from there. It's tricky to find food that you're allowed from a food court (no sushi, potentially dodgy salads or meat sandwiches). My husband almost threated divorce!

  2. I have that Album it is great, listen to it all the time at Christmas, but to actually be in winter and listen to it would be even better!
    And yes to the McDonalds too, cheeseburgers were my go to when I was pregnant, with a side of sweet and sour sauce, weirdly, there is nothing else to eat in the food court and something about pregnancy and cheeseburgers go together so well ;)


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