Sunday, 19 December 2010

Let it snow!

We were treated to a spectacular snowfall on Saturday.

The beginning...
 The end...
Christmas songs playing were compulsory as the snow silently fell.

Snowman making was also compulsory.
Our snowman is not the most aesthetically pleasing, but we're quite new to this game so we think he's rather special. 
Allow me to introduce you to Chilly the Snowman.
Cinnamon stick for the nose because we didn't have any carrots.
Very skinny twiggy little arms.
And we forgot to give him a mouth. 
Oh well.

Flights in and out of most UK airports have been cancelled for the past couple of days so that aspect of the snow is pretty rubbish for those with travel plans over Christmas.

I'm so pleased that this year we are staying put on Christmas Day. I'll happily be snowed-in our cosy wee home with our cosy little family.
The cupboards, fridge and freezer are stocked so we definitely won't be starving.

In summary, I am feeling very blessed and am constantly aware and oh so very thankful for God's goodness to us. 
Faithful friends, wonderful family.
We are having ourselves a Merry Little Christmas.

And on that note: I now need to go and break up a fight between the boys over cars...


  1. Beautiful photos - loving that snowman too!

  2. Great snowman!!! He has character, even without a mouth.

    Love Luca's pirate hat.

    Are those still wee tears on Beni's cheeks at the prospect of sitting outside in the snow?? Poor little Munchkin, at least he had a wee chair to sit on this time.

    Am glad it's looking like a white Christmas for you guys, at long last!! xx

  3. That is a great snowman! I made many of those as a kid & many snow angels! :) I love the photos of snow & Christmas music to accompany it is perfect. I love being cosy... if only I had a fireplace, that would be extra cosy for me :) Your boys are just too cute! xx


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