Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Wee Gift To Myself

After all the handmade goodies I crafted for family and friends for Christmas, I felt it was due time to make a little something for myself.

So on Christmas Day in the afternoon my sister and I sat down, got our crochet needles and wool out and spent the afternoon crocheting.

Yes, I'm sure you're thinking it sounds like a bit of a 'nana' thing to do {or maybe not?}, but it was in actual fact an incredibly relaxing and addictive activity to do!

In the days following Christmas any spare moment I had I could be found with my crochet hook and wool out.

At the Italian restaurant we went to for lunch I whipped it out while we waited to be served and while the others sat and read newspapers at the end of our meal.

On the tube on our way home out it came again.

I am not ashamed to be a little on the crafty side.

And the result? A slouchy beanie/hat/beret.
I think I like it...?
I'll definitely wear it cos it's cosy and warm and the temperatures have been flippin freezing around here lately.

Did you 'Gift Yourself' with anything this Christmas?


  1. Very funky! I envy all the crotchet and knitting skills that everyone else seems to have!!

  2. That's awesome Brigitte!
    You should totally join PaiselyJade's craft-nerds group in flickr!

  3. You are such a craft nerd - love it!!! Such an awesome hat - I need to pick up my hook again and do the same.

  4. Very cool!! I'm with Gail and totally envy the skills I FLAT OUT DO NOT HAVE :)

    You have amazing lips btw. stunning. Um hope thats not too weird

  5. Oh cooooool! It turned out GREAT! Tres chic, bella bella, nice one geet-wa. I'm still going on my one. Think I'll buy a pattern that actually makes sense next time.

    And yes, as Widge says, you have amazing lips (just like Lady's) - (and eyes too, lucky for me we look alike - you are beeeeeautiful).


  6. (btw, did you take photos of your gifts that you made for me? Because you should totally put those up too, because they're AMAZING)

  7. Love your beret! I'm the same size as you ...


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