Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve, an Ambulance, A&E and a letter

It was New Year's Eve.
It was supposed to be a fun "Boy's Day Out" where Austin took the two boys on a Big Adventure for the day.
It ended up with an ambulance ride to A&E.

Austin and the boys were in a cafe and Beni managed to fall off a couch and hit his head on an aluminium window ledge on the way down.
Although there wasn't much blood the area immediately swelled and a big dent formed where his brow had hit the ledge.
It obviously looked quite bad so the cafe staff called an ambulance.
Within 5 minutes Beni had calmed down in Austin's arms.
Within 5 minutes the ambulance had arrived (very impressive!)
Within 30 seconds of the ambulance staff arriving Beni had charmed them all with his smiles and 'middle-finger' pointing and Luca had introduced himself "I'm Luca TJ Bokser" and told them who his teacher was and all his friends at school.

Although Beni seemed happy enough upon the arrival of the ambulance staff to the cafe, because he is a baby with trauma to the head they needed to take him to the hospital to check for signs of concussion.
So off they went in the ambulance - I'm sure you can imagine Luca's excitement - and Beni did some more charming of the nurses and doctors.
One of the checks was for signs of recognition so, the nurse took Beni and started walking away from Austin, hoping to induce a separation anxiety in Beni, but to no effect. Austin had to explain that Beni has always been more than happy to go to anyone and walking away with him won't work...

Fortunately the cut wasn't deep enough to need stitches or "glueing" as they called it (??) so they were sent home with an instruction book on signs to watch for in children after a head injury.

And where was I during all this drama?
At home, knitting, relaxing, that sort of thing, blissfully unaware.
It wasn't until they were in the hospital waiting room that Austin decided to call me....! He knew I'd freak out if he'd called me any earlier and he's probably right.

So brave little Beni-Boo is now sporting a big bump and cut on his head but is still smiling. Bless the dear wee guy.

It was a bit of a dumb thing to happen on the last day of 2010 but just made us even more eager to say goodbye to the year.


Dear Twenty-Ten,
You have been a bit of a crappy year for us, which is disappointing.
We started out with such high hopes but you let us down.
Not happy that your year was the year of the dreadful post-natal depression and all that entails.
That was a real bummer.

There was lots of good stuff too, let's not forget the good stuff!

We were treated to a holiday with our families in New Zealand, that was cool. Actually, that was THE BEST!!
We got to go to the South of France
 and Germany.
Those were super-cool times with super-cool friends.

There were many very precious moments shared between our two boys.
Many special moments shared between parent and child
There was the safe arrival of niece number 2 - WAHOO!! A bonnie wee lass she is.
Two days before I turned another year older I was surprised to find out I was pregnant with number 3. Now THAT was the best birthday present EVER!! Although I was a little shocked and did the whole nervous laughter thing at first, we think this was a most fabulous gift to be given to us during 2010.

There was a birthday for a three year old
and a birthday for a one year old.
There were summer music festivals in Hyde Park - entertainment for the whole family!
But most importantly, this year was spent together as a family.
I now feel I need to apologise to you, 2010. I may have been hasty in saying this year was "crappy", when in actual fact, there were so many great times and memories made!
It is so easy to let the negative things blind oneself from the positive and for that, I apologise.

By looking back briefly on your year of twenty ten, I am now confident to say, upon entering 2011, that there will be many many good times to be had with family and friends and happy memories made.

So Twenty Ten, I thank you for the memories and bid thee a fond farewell.

Twenty-Eleven...I'M A-COMIN' T' GETCHEW!!


  1. Gosh, when my kids go to cafes, they only leave with Chocolate on their faces! Hope little man is ok!!

    Great letter Brigitte. I do think that as long as we hold onto the basic elements of life - family, love, laughter.... the rest can happen and that's ok! Pray 2011 is a favoured one for you!xx

  2. A lot of people have been saying 2010 was a bad year! I know it was for me. Here's hoping 2011 is better for both of us! I know it will be for you with your next bundle of joy arriving. :) And glad to hear Beni survived his trip to the killer cafe lol

  3. Love how even in the midst of a crappy year if you look you can still find joy and happiness. I think too often I let the bad cover over any of the good. This inspires me to take another look at 2010 with fresh eyes and see the good stuff instead of leaving it as a year to write off. Love your beautiful family pics xxx

  4. Wowsers re the ambulance ride etc (you could have got a great photo of you crafting in the hospital if you had have been there... just kidding!).

    What a year for you - so many amazing photos despite the ups and downs.

    p.s. loving your new header!!

  5. I am so sorry about little Beni, but I'm so happy he's okay! I love this blog post and the photos are so great... here's to a fab 2011 :)


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