Friday, 7 January 2011

Gems Of The Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

I really like this part - taking the time to look back on the good in my week.
So often there are moments that happen and I think "Oh that's really awesome/sweet/cool/cute/lovely", but then that moment quickly gets swallowed up by life and dirty nappies...

I'm recognising my need to STOP and really take in those moments when they happen, and don't let them slip by.
A big reason for me doing this blog is to record them so I don't forget!

So here are my "Gems" this week:

:: Beni is walking and he's so proud of himself. And Luca loves to be sitting across from him with his arms wide open, ready for the embrace at the end of the 5-step journey.
 :: Luca's fond caresses of my baby bump.

It delights me that he is so interested and 'aware' of the "baby in Mamma's tummy". As I have been starting to look more pregnant and now have an obvious 'bump', he has taken to patting the bump and just today asked if he could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to baby.
As you can imagine my heart completely melted right then and there.

:: This week Austin has been working from home which has been marvellous on many accounts, especially because it means I can take afternoon naps, loving this!
And it also means I don't have to be the only one changing the pooey nappies...

:: January 5th saw Austin and I celebrate our 9th Wedding Anniversary!
My husband is so wonderful. He's an amazing dad, this is obvious by the way our boys just adore him.
He's my best friend and I feel like the luckiest woman alive to be married to him!

:: I am loving the special one-on-one time I have in the mornings with Beni-Boo now that Luca's back at school.
Everything is funny for him at the moment and he is such a delightful little guy. So full of life with a cheeky little sparkle in his eye.
I hope you are able to take some time to recognise and be thankful for the Gems in your week also.

Have a Happy Weekend! X

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  1. what a lovely post :) I'm pregnant with number 3 too and it is so neat to be able to talk about it and share in the excitement with my nearly 4 year old, she was a bit little last time!


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