Sunday, 16 January 2011

Gems Of The Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

I was supposed to have posted this last night but decided to watch a movie in bed with my husband instead. 
Unfortunately it wasn't the most romantic choice for a movie - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.
Have read the books and loved them and am pleased I knew what was going to happen in the movie otherwise I wouldn't have lasted watching it!
So there's some advice for you - in this case, read the book first and then watch the movie, otherwise you might find it a bit hard to stomach.
Or maybe that's just because I'm pregnant and therefore extra sensitive to all things...?

Anyhoo, time for the good stuff - here's the "Gems" from my week.

:: On Wednesday we had our 20 week scan for Baby #3 and OH MY GOODNESS it was a very special moment in our week. 
We ended up having our two boys with us as it was a 'first-of-the-morning' appointment. I thought it was going to end in carnage having to bring our children along but it was actually an incredibly special time. 
Luca stood beside me during the scan chatting away about what was happening and asking questions while Beni was on Austin's knee pointing at the screen (with his middle finger of course) saying "Bubba! Bubba!" How does he know that?? Clever wee chap.
And once again baby #3 has a cute-as-a-cute-thing profile with a little button nose. We caught it sucking it's thumb. Awwwwww!
I tell you what, there is just as much excitement about baby #3 as there was for baby number 1 and 2. The novelty definitely doesn't wear off.
No we didn't find out the sex - we love the surprise at the end and it helps me get through labour when I think "I'm finally going to meet this little one and find out what it is!"

:: I finally admitted defeat and realised it was time to give Luca a haircut, good and proper.
Big Boy Luca has emerged from under all his hair and I'd forgotten how big his eyes are! So of course he's milking the 'Puppy-Eyed' look while I'm vulnerable...

:: Loving very muchly watching these pudgey little hands discover and conquer new things.

:: I've starting piecing together my first ever quilt and I'm pretty excited {and proud} about it! It features the Italian Alphabet and I've got good feelings it's actually going to look quite cool! {as in, I will put it on the bunk bed in the boys room instead of stowing it away in the cupboard...}

:: Can't get enough, can't get enough no of these boys of ours.
Every day they frustrate and amaze me.
Every day they cause me to feel both anger and happiness.
Every day I'm sure my love for them grows deeper as I watch them grow and interact with each other and love each other.
Every day I am amazed and incredibly thankful they are mine.

Hope you're having a happy weekend! X


  1. what a beautiful post!
    i promise my hearat skipped a VERY gleeful beat when i read
    we love the surprise at the end and it helps me get through labour when I think "I'm finally going to meet this little one and find out what it is!"

    huzzAH!!! a woman after my own heart :)
    blessings x

  2. Love the pictures of your wee lads.

    Just to set your mind at rest - I am aslo SO glad I read the book first. If I had seen it cold turkey - I would not have gotten through it. I do wonder if the hollywood remake is going to be anywhere near as powerful.


  3. Luca is looking so much like a big boy now! With his new haircut, so much like his Daddy.

    Heart the quilt. You get my crafty side itching with these posts BJ! Looking forward to receiving my Nana's sewing machine.

  4. Read the book, then watched the movie. Both well done (squeamish, horrific in parts, but well written etc). Am now on the second book and wishing it was still the weekend so I could sit back and read all day while Dadda keeps and eye on the little ones. Oh well...
    Your boys are super cute, so is bubba #3. Quilt looks great - look forward to seeing the finished product xx

  5. Love it all as per usual. Love the quilt - maybe I can finish the one I started making Gretchen for her 16th birthday! I refused to machine-stitch the quilting part and so it'as all made apart from the quilting ...


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