Monday, 3 January 2011

Starting Them Young

My husband is a trumpet player from way back.
He used to play the trumpet in the Oamaru Garrison Band when he was younger and then in the music team at church and in jazz bands, but over the last few years he has been needed behind the sound-desk at church (which he is also very clever at) and has had to put the trumpet away.

A New Year's Resolution - and with a bit of encouragement from others - is to get back playing his trumpet again at church.
Now you've got to understand that when Austin plays the trumpet at church it always sears your soul and seems to make your eyes leak.
It's an incredibly beautiful and heaven-sent sound.
It sends shivers down your spine and makes the hair on your arms stand on end.
You know what I mean?

Today, much to our delight, he got his trumpet out.
The look of sheer delight and amazement on the boy's faces as they watched their Papa make a wonderful sound from the bell-shaped shiny instrument was priceless.

And there was even more excitement when Papa let them both have a go and showed them how to hold it properly and blow. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly Luca picked up the basics. We need to cultivate that talent I'm thinking!

 Even Beni-Boo seemed to be a natural.
The makings of a Father/Son Jazz Trio??

I thought I would showcase a little something we did over the Christmas season for the Grandparent's enjoyment, but maybe you might enjoy it too!
A Christmas Album by son numero uno.
{listen out for when he tells Mamma and Papa off when we try to help him out...}

Happy Monday!


  1. How gorgeous! I love "wind the bobbin up!".... missing is a kiwi accent darling!

  2. So cool!!
    I looove the family trumpet pics

  3. YES!!! This makes me exceedingly happy. The Bokser boys are naturally musicians - love the rapt looks on their faces at Austin playing the trumpet, with Luca's hand resting on Austin's leg, awww.


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