Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gems of the Week

Precious, Priceless, Pockets of Happiness during my week.

I think a big part of listing my "Gems of the Week" is searching to find the Gems in all situations.

This week we have had a sick bubba with a "raging ear infection" whose temperatures were reaching 40.5C. Poor little dude.
So he is on antibiotics - which is usually easy to administer as it tastes yummy {apparently} - and has been dosed up with Calpol and Baby Neurophen for the past five days.

Now to find those Gems...

:: I am thankful for drugs that taste really nice and help to take away my children's pain.

:: Thursday was a particularly bad day for Beni-Boo - he was writhing in pain and even though the medicines taste really yummy he wouldn't take them. He wanted to be held and cuddled constantly which unfortunately was not possible as he is now a heavy chunky-monkey and, at 24 weeks pregnant, I no longer have a waist in order to prop him up on and carry him around the house.  I phoned Austin at work and requested, if at all possible, for him to come home. And he did. Gem.

:: The only downside about Austin coming home from work was that when he went to have a cup of tea and a biscuit he discovered that I had polished the last ones off that morning... and so he complained {understandably} about there not being any biscuits or cakes in the house and so - because my hands were now free of sick-boy and being a good wifey and mostly because I was feeling like a bit of a glutton having downed all the biscuits - I whipped up a tasty fruit loaf for my hard-working man while he and sick-boy took an afternoon nap.
Tasty Fruit Loaf which fills the house with glorious smells as it bakes = Gem.

:: You may or may not have seen from my previous post that I have finished the cushion covers for the boys room.
They are now happily settled on the bottom bunk bed with the Italian Alphabet Quilt and has helped create a visually pleasing and comfortable spot for reading.

:: My Creative Juices are a-flowing and my hands are busy a-sewing as I'm getting more ideas for making the boy's room a bit more colourful and stylised for them. I am restricted by the fact that we rent the property rather than owning it and therefore don't have the freedom to paint walls/knock down walls, that sort of thing. So instead of this project being an Extreme Makeover it's just a makeover...

:: My mind is already ticking ahead to doing a makeover in our bedroom also. I've got ideas. Who knows if they'll work or not... but it's worth a try and I'm enjoying myself in the process!

Hope y'all are having a good weekend! X


  1. Your poor little guy - hope he gets well soon. MMmmmm - your baking looks super yum.

  2. I wanna eat that loaf right now you delicious cooker, you!
    i can't wait to see your ideas for your room, it's fun watching your creative juices flow from afar. loves to you xx

  3. How cute is that little reading spot? Seeing children enjoy books the way yours do = gem!

  4. Oh that loaf looks so yummy! & I love Luca reading on the brightly coloured quilt with those awesome pillows behind him! :) I hope you're little Beni is feeling better soon! xx

  5. The bottom bunk looks AMAZING! So much brighter and fun and tempting to curl up on... Will I still be allowed to sleep there though?


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