Sunday, 6 February 2011

That's just Life, innit?

I don't know why but Sunday morning's are always such a struggle to get out the door on time for church.

Why is that?

It usually happens that just before we are about to leave there happens to be a fresh poo in a nappy.
Or tantrums over brushing teeth/getting changed/eating breakfast/putting shoes on occur.
And the parent's tempers flare and they get grumpy at each other and you leave the house feeling like crap.

I would like to think that we are not abnormal in these occurrences...?! {please someone reassure me here...}

It's usual that there will be something that we forget to pack that the kids will need - be it toys to shut them up keep them entertained during the service, snacks, change of clothes, nappy bag etc.

Why is it that on the day you forget to pack the nappy bag there is always at least one massive explosive dump that occurs?
Or the day you forget to pack extra clothes for your toilet-training toddler that he pees his pants...twice?

Today was one of "those" days.

Tantrums, pooey nappies, taking public transport and realising much too late that we left Beni-Boo's antibiotics and baby drugs at home resulted in Grumpy Parents.
"Didn't you pack them?"
"No, I thought you packed them!"
"Did you remember to give him his medicines this morning?"
"No, I thought you would remember!"

Love it.
No I don't.

But then you get to church, have a great time in God's Presence with special people and are reminded again of what really matters in life and how blessed we are.

And then the journey home begins.

But this time you've got a better attitude and you can {generally} let things slide right over you.
Which is a good thing because our journey home was a challenge, indeed.

2 tired and hungry boys.
2 tired and hungry parents.
1 boy fell asleep in the buggy but then got rudely awoken by his brother having a tantrum on some very steep steps because the escalators weren't working to take us down to the Underground Tube.
And he really loves to travel on the escalators.
As a result there was a massive line of people backed up behind us who couldn't pass us on the steps because Austin had to carry the buggy down which blocked the majority of the space available.
Once we were on the tube Beni's ear infection decided to play up and so he screamed and screamed.
And screamed and screamed.
And screamed for the entire tube journey and half of the bus ride.
We encountered traffic jams on the bus while our baby boy screamed in agony.
I resisted the urge to explain to everyone that he is screaming because he has a very nasty ear infection and we stupidly forgot to bring his medication that would stop him screaming. And no it's not because he's just a naughty/needy child that he is making this noise. He's actually a really good contented child.
Poor little guy.

It wasn't long before we agreed that getting off the bus and walking the rest of the way home was a good idea.
We ended up walking faster than the speed of the traffic anyway.

Our walk home was a good decision. The air was fresh but not too cold and it felt good to stretch our legs.

We stopped and had a look at an old train that was parked at a station nearby and this was one of the highlights of Luca's day.
He then promptly fell asleep in the buggy for the rest of the journey home, whereupon his Mamma, Papa and little brother also joined him in dreamland for the next 3 hours.

Yes you read that right.
A 3 hour Sunday afternoon family nap.

Life is like a blanket too short.  You pull it up and your toes rebel, you yank it down and shivers meander about your shoulder; but cheerful folks manage to draw their knees up and pass a very comfortable night.  ~Marion Howard


  1. A three hour family nap? Better than winning lottery! haha

    It is The Law that things like freshly pooed nappies will happen just before you leave the house. Just this morning, I literally unlocked the car to take Bean to kindy, only to have Pudge spew all over me. And himself. And I mean ALL over. Down my bra and everything. Sigh.

    Hope Beni feels better soon xo

  2. Yep - you are totally normal. We are Pastors at our church and still have all the dramams... poos, wees, forgetting shoes, arguments in the car... totally normal (i hope we are anyway!! :)

  3. Aw!! :( Glad the walk and big sleep made it all a bit better. Love you xxx

  4. How awesome to have a 3 hour nap - I am insanely jealous!!!!! But it certainly sounds like you deserved it after your day. And not that I'm glad of the dramas you have but glad that we're not the only ones to have them on a sunday morning too!! It feels like the last 15mins before time to leave disappears in about 2 mins flat - on sunday it was Bella deciding to need a poo then staying on the loo for over 10mins!!!! (well at least it was on the loo so that's good) We were already late for church when we finally left!!
    Anyway I hope you get many more family naps!! xox


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