Tuesday, 15 February 2011

In sickness and in health - it's still a good life.

After a wonderfully busy and sociable weekend we are all feeling a bit sick and tired.

I spent the majority of Valentines Day in bed.

I would just like to take this moment to say that my husband is so wonderful. He got the boys up, made them and me breakfast which he brought to me in bed with a coffee. He did the dishes, washing, baked some bread, made dinner while working from home(!) and I slept the day away {and all night as well}!!

I've got conjunctivitis in one eye and pregnancy pains in certain areas that are causing me grief.
We have a 3 year old child who is causing us grief.
Beni has teething troubles and a nappy rash which are causing him grief.

Austin got food poisoning from some left-over chicken so spent all last night vomitting - from both ends...
And I have a bad case of homesickness for my family in NZ.

But although we are struck down with sickness, exhaustion and homesickness, I am still feeling full and thankful. We have a roof over our heads, food in the cupboards {including a chicken in the fridge which obviously needs to be thrown out...}, happy and healthy children, a great marriage, and wonderful friends around us who care - really care. You know, the ones who will go the extra mile or 5 for you as would you for them.

And the absolute cherry on top is knowing, without a doubt, that we have a God who loves us and is caring and providing for us. In that fact alone I feel safe, secure, protected and looked after. I cannot fathom having it any other way.
Luca is at school and Austin and Beni are asleep on the couch so I might just take this opportunity to have another wee lie down. Why not huh?
And then I'll get on with the dishes, hoovering, washing, toilet cleaning, lunch, dinner and maybe even a little bit of sewing!


  1. Love your realness Brigitte - and that you bring it all back to God too. How do people do life without that hope and grace to carry them through sickness an yuckiness?
    Rest up dear. The housey stuff will happen!xx

  2. Oh boy - you have an awesome perspective! Put your feet up and relax (and make sure no one eats any more of that chicken ;)

  3. Yes your husband is awesome. Mine would do the same...aren't we blessed to have such good men in our lives. I agree with others, you should rest. Take care xx

  4. Brigitte we miss you and your wonderful husband and boys. I'm so hoping one day we can be living lives intertwined again not in parallel!

  5. Oh noooooooo, I didn't know that you are all poorly! And I feared for a moment that it was the chicken that I fed you... Hope you're on the mend. Loved hanging with the Boksers in the weekend, love you xxx


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